I've seen a few people do it but i just wanna make sure. is it ok to post commission info on here?

My first drawing using procreate! I'm still kinda getting the hang of it but i like it alot!!

I made a new oc last night! her name is Juliette and she's an aspiring fashion designer!

While working on my Deepvocal bank previously known as Winona I thought.. "what if... boy like me??" and created a new character to go with my bank instead. Meet Marshall.

school stuff 

my mom is forcing me to make a song for my brother's project that's due tomorrow... why... why is my life like this..

voicesynth rambles 

update. i have recovered all the configuration i lost

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voicesynth rambles 

so... i forgot to save in the deepvocal toolbox and lost a good chunk of my configuration... 😭

@EmergencyBattle I'd say utau for the amount of resources available but deepvocal has a more straightforward system unlike. the horrors that is trying to oto an utau bank... there are some deepvocal resources available just not that much seeing as to how new it is.

Sorry i haven’t been super active. I just started school again this week and I’m trying my best to keep up with everything.

I'm working on a character of mine for a precure rpg campaign. her name is Mayu/Cure Swift! this is her casual design and I'm planning on doing her cure design later!

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