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Hello people in Mastodon world! I'm Emille! I'm an artist who got hecked over by twitter and made an account here! here's some examples of my artwork! I draw alot of vocaloids and magical girls and i write vocaloid tunes in my spare time!

voicesynth rambles 

voicesynth rambles 

This is the design I made for the Deepvocal bank I'm working on! Her name is Winona!

Sorry i haven’t been super active. I just started school again this week and I’m trying my best to keep up with everything.

I'm working on a character of mine for a precure rpg campaign. her name is Mayu/Cure Swift! this is her casual design and I'm planning on doing her cure design later!

update: they're making me do written assignments >:c

just started my senior year online (3 classes left!!) and im taking a 2d animation class!

Im gonna take some ms paint sketch comms for 10 bucks!

DM me or email me at if interested!

overexcited precure rambles 

ohhh im gonna do the too

soo im nys and i draw animu fanart and i like bl stuff LOL and also cats 🐈
heres some art!!

I’m surprised i havent gushed about precure on this account yet.


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