Anybody have any good queer crime/mystery books that AREN'T just smut with a little plot sprinkled in??? My wife is agonizingly searching and nothing is coming up :(

Local single dad Loves his Daughter very Much and will listen to her rant about school for Hours at a Time if he Must

Thinkin' bout....Ellis with his daughter Chloe...going shopping while she rambles at him about school.....

speaking of words I didn't know I knew: I need to make a polycule for my poly ocs 🤔

tfw ur brain knows a word you didn't know it knew....

oh also if anybody needs a toyhouse code; I have 2 I can generate for this week

I bought premium for awhile :oc so just message me I guess????

I made a custom toyhouse profile on my own and I'm so proud of myself it's really dumb kdfmakjsdh IT'S REALLY BASIC BUT I MADE IT....ME!!!

I'm just full of aggressive love and support!!!! I have the energy to move mountains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when u drink coffee first thing in the morning and ur brain turns into this:

:heart_sp_les3: Ellteo boosted

listening to chiptunes n daydreaming about an adventure game

(palette by PineTreePizza)

@LadyIcepaw true! But then, I won't be fully prepared until I have a full 24 hour playlist 👀

My oc playlists are likewise long as hell but they're only about half as long as my main Drawing playlist rip

I just like daydreaming to music while I draw 😭 It's not my fault there's so many good jams

my drawing playlist might maybe be getting a little too long, perhaps

Like thank u dude for realigning my sense of reality and for teaching me to cope with my OCD thoughts but

B OY neither of us can carry a conversation HUH

My therapist is cool and helpful but every appointment is full of awkward pauses and it kills me dhfjfb

Gender musings 

Gender musings 

Gender musings 

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