someone please give me the strength to put together a book-like portfolio and a whole book-like notebook of assignments + paint a full painting today thanks

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@Ellteo For folks with privacy concerns that still want to see stuff on twitter, I can recommend
There are browser extensions that automatically redirect all twitter links to nitter, like invidition

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Happy #MastoMonday!

What can you (ESPECIALLY you white ppl) do today to help build an antiracist future? Can you protest? Donate to a bail fund? Educate yourself or share resources? Every bit helps!

Places to donate:
Bail funds
Reclaim the Block
Black Visions Collective

Books to read:
How To Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

White Fragility by Robin Diangelo

The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin

Protest resources:

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Support me on patreon and help me continue making art ✨ Here are this month's print and sticker!

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US pol, re: looting 

also i know most folks here are cool but if you are worried about looting when it comes to locally owned businesses, stop criticizing protestors and actually support the local businesses, especially black-owned businesses.

I found an LA-based shop started by queer black women with 'gender-free' clothes and immediately bought some lmao. they're SO good, check them out.

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@rainfruit the lil fuzzy leggies....absolutely excellente

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✨ J'ai besoin de vous ✨
Ma BD Les Vastes de Mondes de Magda, faite durant le confinement, est disponible ici :

Si le projet vous plait, votez pour lui ! C'est fait avec le ❤️

#mastoart #illustration #BD #shaman #voyageInitiatique #couleurs #concours #sunset

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original copy wasnt accessible but is online in another format if wanted, and will be updated soon so original here:

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if you’re thinking of doing anything with those leaked passwords 

one word of caution re: the leaked email credentials. US courts draw no distinction between actual hacking and just using info like this. If you use a computer to access some one else’s info, you can be brought up on crazy heinous espionage laws, even if, like, you found their password on a post-it under a bus seat.

Sorry for all the twitter links, just like. There's so many people there that have put together some good resources, I wanted to share what I could.

Stay safe out there y'all. Black lives matter.

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And finally (for now) A resource put together for educating oneself on anti racism. Has an article, book podcast, show, movie, etc list to go through!

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