and a couple more!

The last two are depressing bc I drew them in procreate and I cannot for the life of me enjoy drawing in procreate so everything I make IN procreate comes out really stiff or really sad NKFGJSDLFH

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got In the mood for drawing matteos past serious relationships and I oop
Julia was his first girlfriend and he was so sure she was gonna be his Only GF Ever but uhhhhh oops she’s lesbian Harold. So a lot of the romantic affection he showed her was like.....ignored for the most part, which he didn’t really get.

And then Travis and Matteo in college...boy they were a Disaster, a master class in how NOT to communicate with and treat a partner

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I love exploring their relationships bc they’re so juicy as far as angst goes NKJDFHD

Like with Julia, Matteo totally thought maybe, just maybe he’d be able to marry her, share his secret with her about him being a monster (which he eventually did, anyways), etc. And then she kind of blindsides him with her coming out and like, wtf is he gonna do? He still loves her, and wants her to be happy, but like. OOF.

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So he disengages from her for awhile until he feels like he can handle being around her without feeling like an idiot for not noticing and for getting carried away on his own
Like eventually they make up, and become stronger friends for it, but like at the time it’s one of the most devastating things to happen to him (until....Blake pulls his shit, then that’s pretty awful and Julia comes back into the picture to help him get through that)

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Travis and Matteo are just. Angst the whole way bc Travis is incapable of detangling his self worth from the way others perceive him, and is afraid of judgement, so he has an impossibly hard time coming out as bi or even accepting what he is. But he’s also extremely stubborn, so he tries to make things work ANYWAYS but there’s no way for them to balance a relationship with Travis’s need to keep things secret, vs Matteo’s need to be open about at least one thing in his life lmao

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It’s just a bad time of Matteo needing intimacy and care and Travis WANTING to supply it but being unable to get past his own hang ups enough to do it. But also not being willing to let go of whatever relationship they have, which ends up being more like a fwb situation than an actual romance - which isn’t what either of them wanted, so it just all falls apart at some point.

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As u can tell I love thinking about this angsty bs KNNDFKJBV

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