Hey heads up, you can get Corel Painter 2019 for only $25 rn on Humble Bundle!

I've heard it's a really nice program, but as it's usually around $400, I haven't personally tried it yet. Yet! I'll try to give my thoughts on it later.

Every once in awhile humble bundle surprises me and this is one of those times. I was just looking into getting Corel like a month or two ago hdffbfb

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Testing it out now and honestly? It's pretty neat so far. A tad disappointed w/ it's lack of functionality w/r/t my eraser button but I take that's from my tablet not being Wacom :Va

The real media brushes are killer tho! Really interesting to play around with, I'm gonna have to fiddle a lot more.

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The real media brushes are wild bc they bleed into each other in real time
Which is neat, but super weird if you're like me and only used to programs like clip or SAI 🤔

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