He's the newest addition to my wife's household! He was VERY shy at first (shook when being held, never made noise, constantly on edge) but he's now a rambunctious little rascal and we love him <3

And his name is really just Baby - they never got around to Actually Naming Him so it just ...stuck

@Ellteo it works . . . it is the correct name . . . He Is Baby

@Ellteo Ragdoll! (And yeah, my in-laws had a pot-bellied pig named Piglet. Not a Winnie-the-Pooh thing, either, it was just... he was a piglet when they got him, and it went from "the piglet" to "Piglet" somewhat unintentionally.)

@silverseams yes!! Sometimes...names just Happen like that. One of their old cars was named Kitten, and he was the absolute BIGGEST BOY I've seen. He wasn't just fat, he was BIG for a tabby. Big boned!

@Ellteo that little white spot near his nose 💞 he's so cute!

@anadoodles yes!!! they were going to name him Basil but everyone just kept referring to him as "Baby" so his name is just....Baby

@Ellteo Awww!!! Baby is such a cute cat <3 look at those soff lil white sock feetsies <3

@Ellteo I had a cat that looked similar to Baby that we ended up naming "Bitty".

Oh my god Baby is so adorable :blobhearteyes:

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