Morning Hot Take:

I think I constantly take for granted the amount of artwork I churn out??


I feel like, were it not for social media and how it raises expectations, there wouldn't be such an intense focus on Making All The Time

I still think I'd be creating a lot, but I don't think I'd feel like a failure if/when I couldn't manage to keep Making 24/7

Social media is a super great, hella useful tool, and it's absolutely wonderful to be able to connect with other artists!!!

But existing in an art space that is constantly so heavily saturated with Creation and Creativity and Content, Content, Content makes it really easy to forget that

we are human.

We are human and it's okay to not be putting out content 24/7

It's okay if all you can do is make conversation, not art

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Idk, I get passionate about sustainable art practices !!!

Content creators run the entertainment world, be they making comics, videos, games, illustrations, music, etc

And it feels unfair to treat them like robots that exist solely to create that content.

And it feels worse to look at yourself and realize you treat yourself the same way.

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Reminder to be gentle with yourself and to treat yourself like a human being with needs and feelings; You don't solely exist to create.

Creation is a byproduct of being the wonderful you that you are.

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