Pssst!! I need some advice!

For those who offer commissions or otherwise make art for a living - how do you ensure that you Get It Done?

I've always struggled with getting myself to DO the art - even when I very desperately want to - because of ADD-like problems (I can't focus, have a hard time prioritizing or organizing my time, etc fkgjhsf)

The only way I can sometimes get myself to do it, when my brain won't cooperate, is by streaming! But that's not always viable.

What do y'all do???

@Ellteo for me, i try to hype myself up by listening to favorite boss music playlists... 😂

but for real it really helps me get into the Zone

i also never try to finish all in one sitting; this both eases my anxiety and also gives me the opportunity to see mistakes the next day 👍

@pocketghosts Vidya game music is honestly the best to work to!!!

And that's kinda what streaming does for me??? It helps me to like....Focus....otherwise I end up feeling kinda nebulous and floaty and have a hard time narrowing my focus onto the Art

The wait time is really smart!!

@Ellteo Don't know if it will help you, but I know that kind of feeling (procrastinating a task instead of just getting it done).
Have you tried to work with to do lists? Instead of writing down "Do the art!" break it down into the tasks that get you from starting to finishing. Like, break it down to: Sketch -> Lineart -> Coloring - or something similar.
When I struggled with my master thesis, I had only one task for each day: Write at least 100-200 words. It helped getting started and continue.

@julloyart I work with to-do lists in other things, to mixed results 🤔 I could try doing that though, thank you!

@Ellteo I set a deadline + take 50% of the money upfront, that way I have a sense of "guilt" when not working on it that will eventually get me to sit down and do it. If I keep having troubles focusing, its usually because I try to focus too much on the art. Then I like to put on a planned distraction like a series or something and do it in episodes. Like, watch one episode, draw for a while, watch another, draw for a while, etc etc.Splitting it up like that takes away the "big pile feeling"

@vanhaase I always work 100% up front and the guilt kills me KLJFHGSL

It's less of a sense of "Geez I really don't wanna do this" and more of My brain just Doesn't want to sit still???

I'll try to sit and get it done and have the hardest time actually focusing enough to GET it done - even when I have time, energy, etc - it's hard to explain bc it sounds like normal procrastination gkjhsldfg

THAT BEING SAID - the breaking it up in smaller chunks might work....

@Ellteo do try it! i literally had this today with a commission i finished that i super adored but it somehow STILL made my brain go "eeh no wont focus" but drawing whilst watching star trek helped. tho i ended up actually gaming on the side. ffxiv has this handy npc party u can do dungeons with so i just had to occasionally hit three buttons and then could continue drawing

@vanhaase honestly IDEAL....@ dragon age, when will you let me do that GFJKLSFD

I might try setting a timer for myself so like every 35-40 minutes I take a break from the commission and like. doodle my ocs for a bit, or something ??? >:Va hrmm.

@Ellteo yeah! but don't be afraid to shorten it even further! when i started with my method i literally just drew a few lines each time but after a while i kept getting caught up with drawing and abandoned my npc party a bit hahah

Tbh I often struggle with this too, but accepting upfront payment and setting a (loose) deadline guilt trips you so much that you just do it 😅 there's money involved, reputation involved - you don't allow yourself to think about bs, you just sit down and do it. Plus I don't touch the money until the art is delivered so I have to work for it (like of course I'm working for it all the time but this adds like another layer of motivation). Good luck with organizing your time and abilities!

@Ellteo I usually try to remove all other distractions, so if it's a digital commission I'll unplug my internet, close all messengers, put phone far away, close all software/programs that aren't needed, etc. so that there's nothing left to do except draw :AAAAAA:

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