I finished it! :D

Found some discount yarn a few weeks ago and decided to knit up some toques as gifts for my family. Here's the first! I'm so proud of how it turned out!

I used this pattern here: cyberseams.com/article/105343/

It's really simple for beginners! I highly recommend it. :)

I'm debating whether I should add a pom pom or not. 🤔

What do you think, folks?


@rheall Pom poms are cute, but go with what "feels" right >:oc you can always make another hat another time

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@Ellteo I am planning to make more, so that's an option! I mainly want to add pom poms because I've never made any before, and it would be fun to have the excuse. XD Maybe I'll make one and give it to the recipient along with the toque and say they can attach it if they want…?

@rheall then by all means heck yea!!! I've never made pom poms before either, but they always look fun? (and make. wonderful cat toys tbh--)

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