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:coffee_mug: COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN my dudes!!

Prices are listed below; I'm willing to do/attempt many things, such as:

:18only: NSFW art!
❤️ 🧡 💛 Couples of 2 or more! (Prices will vary!)
:tentaluv: Humanoids and Monsters (and maybe Furries???)

And more than I can list here! If you're interested or have questions, please DM me and we can talk! 💓

(Posting the static + gif versions of my price sheet for accessibility!)

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Small update - I have a Ko-fi! :coffee_mug: If you like what I do or are just feeling sweet and generous, consider dropping me a ko-fi if you can?

Whether you do or don't - I appreciate you and any support you can give, in any way you can give it! Be that donations, boosts, interactions or fav's - Thank you SO much!

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What up my dudes!! I'm Ellteo/Taylor, I'm a 22 year old queer, enby artist who loves to draw soft, gay things!! Yes, I am WAY too friendly for my own good!

I mostly post about my own ocs; ones that dwell in fantasy or sci-fi-esque worlds! A lot of what I post has to do with cryptids or monsters of various kinds.

I have a tag I use for my own ocs, if you'd like to take a look! You can browse it under

Below are doodles of my sona so you know what I'm like!

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Hey guys, this is a quick list of what to expext w/r/t Content Warnings!

Things I DO personally CW:

- Body Horror
- Gore
- Sexual content
- Spoilers
- Mental Health stuff (including suicide mention, depression talk, etc)

Things I'm not currently CW'ing:

- Politics (not often boosted, never posted)
- Bugs / Spiders / Lizards

This is always subject to change, but if you have an issue with any of the above you are welcome to Mute/Block me!

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Don't want to shine a light on myself cause I don't feel I've earned it, but instead, I will share my great uncle! May he rest in peace.

Uncle Mario came to the US from Las Flores when he was a young man with his brother Juan (my grandfather!)

He made a living for awhile doing breathtaking matte paintings for cinema, and then relocated to Taos, NM to work on modernist art. He was also a handsome fucker. He is best known for his work on King Kong, but also worked on Citizen Kane.


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US pol, *EVERYONE* in the US needs to know 

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Nothing makes me feel nicer about being tipped by a client, no matter if it's $3 or $30. It's not about the money, though that's nice, but that someone genuinely enjoyed what I made them that much.

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Tried out some watercolors with gouache, looks neat. Also love the heck out of gold Acryl paint.

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Okay so the instant I opened this con badge commission from @scoots I gasped aloud and was left with my jaw hanging.

It's so, so good y'all. I'm blown away.

Mfw I draw myself and it actually looks like me

I drew....MY FACE

Without glasses bc I was too lazy to add them gHDJFHDJD

It's not perfect but aye neither am I!!!! Aaaaaaa

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Art is a lot funnier when you stop giving a fuck about the untold rules ur bad brain seems to have declared important to respect

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sometimes u just gotta Aknowledge and Embrace the mistakes in ur art and go with the flow even if u know it won't end up being perfect

someday I'm gonna have brightly colored hair and cute outfits and I'm gonna sketch everything I dang well please and nobody can stop this enby lesbean from achieving that

catch me out here dreaming about being an aesthetic artist even though I rarely ever sketch on paper and I know for a fact I wouldn't have a single idea about what to draw if I tried KJFDHGLSKJHOFG

speed sketches......but on that sounds so fun hkdjhfgjksdf

someday....I wanna be one of those fun artists that goes to cafe's and sketches and takes photos with my art

but for now I am Baby and I'm too shy about my face to do it hsnsgjhs

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An attempt at designing Johnny and using my brushpen I ended up really liking!!
He's @sempervirart 's OC! ...and he got caught sneaking into someone's flat for Reasons.

If we've interacted at all I Consider You A Buddy Sorry I Do Make the Rules

Big love for all my friends n buddies on and offline ❤️ :lies_down:

Y'all are lovely!!!!!!!

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a lot of twitter artists including have tested for the most effective way to support artists after twitters recent changes.

So apparently he absolute best support you can give currently is COMMENTING on our art, if you enjoy it! It would do us a great favour!! 💕

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