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Here's a link to my Character Wiki! It's a big WIP so far, and I'll be updating it slowly as I go along, so this will be a pinned toot on my profile for ease of access.

If you've ever wondered about my ocs, my world, or my story in general, this is a great place to start learning about em!

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Time for another !!

Taylor | 24 | NB

Hi!! I'm Ellteo and I love to draw my ocs!

I'm way into , , and , as well as . All of the above together, if possible!

I draw a lot of soft queer content and I talk about my and my wife's ocs a lot. I hope to make their story into a comic someday!

If you like my ocs, you can find a backlog of content for them in the tag!

Below are some pieces I've done in the past year!

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:coffee_mug: COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN my dudes!!

Prices are listed below; I'm willing to do/attempt many things, such as:

:18only: NSFW art!
❤️ 🧡 💛 Couples of 2 or more! (Prices will vary!)
:tentaluv: Humanoids and Monsters

And more than I can list here! If you're interested but can't afford what is listed, or if you have questions, please DM me and we can talk! 💓

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Small update - I have a Ko-fi! :coffee_mug: If you like what I do or are just feeling sweet and generous, consider dropping me a ko-fi if you can?

Whether you do or don't - I appreciate you and any support you can give, in any way you can give it! Be that donations, boosts, interactions or fav's - Thank you SO much!

Unfortunately most of my pals who use social media are on twitter and not looking to change that. I don't really blame them, it's often (in my limited experience) pretty slow here.

I find it difficult to keep up with multiple platforms already, so trying to juggle masto into the mix has been increasingly more difficult 😔

I may check in from time to time, but going forward that's really where you can find me!!

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I think it bears mentioning here that if you'd like to keep up with what I do more regularly, I *am* unfortunately slightly more active on twitter.

I don't really check deviantart much anymore, but I am on twitter and Toyhouse pretty much daily! I even have a uh. Very NSFW side twitter u can ask about if you're over 18.

(I will DM it to you if asked!)

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Julia my Beloved...
her laughing really fucking hard at Matteo's embarrassment is how I feel like 80% of the time. 😔 I'm so sorry Matteo you can't catch a break I love making you go through awkward scenarios too much....

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(Hidden for passionate kissing!)

Collleeeegeee auuuu shenanigans

Playing truth or dare, Crispin lands on Matteo. Matteo picks dare...and so Crispin dares him to kiss his roommate (Ellis) with tongue. Ellis is like "oh hell yeah" so he dips him when they kiss and when they break away he smiles at Matteo real big...Matteo may or may not swoon at this.

This was just an excuse to draw reactions and also kissing KJGFHLKDJFFHSLG

talking about them playing spin the bottle truth/dare in college au

and Ellis dares Matteo to go into the closet with him for 7 minutes a-la 7 minutes in heaven style, after they've been flirting like the whole night

wheeze laughs

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lays face down on the pavement

folks 👏

I have been. in oc heaven for the past week

and by that I mean I have done nothing but talk various oc headcanons and scenarios w/ my wife and it's been absolutely great and i love it

:heart_sp_les3: Teobear boosted starts up again today, I woke up Early but maybe that was a bad choice considering I have a 6 hour block of classes with only one ten minute break between,,,,

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Frog prince au except they turn into lil creachurs instead of frogs...this is the moment they turn back bc I'm gay and soft and I love them being in love and happy 😭

Also RIP earnest you will not be missed 🙏

I know this is something I've said again and again and I think this itself is a cycle I'll be going through until I'm finally out of school...which will be this spring/summer, if everything goes well in this last term. I just wanna be indulgent and happy again!!!! Aaaaaaa

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- Get stressed, try to draw for myself, feels bad, stops
- Doesn't improve bc drawing feels bad and I can't get myself to do it with what little energy I have outside of school
- Get's stressed bc I can't destress by drawing
- The cycle continues....

I want to draw bodies like I did back in 2018, more anatomically correct and still fluid. What I draw now feels so stiff and lifeless :( rrrghh. School has been cool but it's sapping every ounce of creative juices I have out of me

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Like I have some art I've done for school and some creature-art for a ARPG but none of it feels like...mine?

And drawing for me feels...bad. I don't know why. I think I'm just not satisfied with where I'm at anymore, so nothing feels like enough...meaning I have to practice things to improve, but I don't have the energy because of school, so I'm stuck in this horrible little loop.

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Bro I've been gone so long and you'd think it would have helped me get back on the band wagon for drawing but it in fact has Not Helped :( School really just takes it out of me I guess...

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I'm taking some #sketch comms cause I really wanna draw some cute furries! I'm happy to draw humans too tho :ACNH_Bashfulness:


$20 Headshot ​
$40 Portrait
$50 Half Body
$65 Knee Up
$80 Full Body ​


- halftones optional
- couples are double the price (only available for portrait sizes and up)
- USD, paypal only, payment upfront
- humanoids or anthros are OK, ask about ferals
- OCs, show characters, and fan characters are OK, ask about real people
- commissions are for personal use only

#Art #MastoArt #FediArt #Commission #CommissionMe

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I've been super absent but know I am alive, just like. Struggling with the last bits of school 😭 I have one more term after this one and then I graduate....aaaaa

Happy Valentine's/Pal-entines day c:
I don't really have any romantic drawings to share but dbfmdvdn

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