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Here's a link to my Character Wiki! It's a big WIP so far, and I'll be updating it slowly as I go along, so this will be a pinned toot on my profile for ease of access.

If you've ever wondered about my ocs, my world, or my story in general, this is a great place to start learning about em!

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Time for another !!

Taylor | 24 | NB

Hi!! I'm Ellteo and I love to draw my ocs!

I'm way into , , and , as well as . All of the above together, if possible!

I draw a lot of soft queer content and I talk about my and my wife's ocs a lot. I hope to make their story into a comic someday!

If you like my ocs, you can find a backlog of content for them in the tag!

Below are some pieces I've done in the past year!

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:coffee_mug: COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN my dudes!!

Prices are listed below; I'm willing to do/attempt many things, such as:

:18only: NSFW art!
❤️ 🧡 💛 Couples of 2 or more! (Prices will vary!)
:tentaluv: Humanoids and Monsters

And more than I can list here! If you're interested but can't afford what is listed, or if you have questions, please DM me and we can talk! 💓

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Small update - I have a Ko-fi! :coffee_mug: If you like what I do or are just feeling sweet and generous, consider dropping me a ko-fi if you can?

Whether you do or don't - I appreciate you and any support you can give, in any way you can give it! Be that donations, boosts, interactions or fav's - Thank you SO much!

Happy Valentine's/Pal-entines day c:
I don't really have any romantic drawings to share but dbfmdvdn

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going out of my comfort zone and giving my character red lipstick instead of black lipstick 💄🖤🙅🏻

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I've started GMing a game called Monster of the Week, these are some beasties my players have hunted

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Time for your Monday morning cup of rocket fuel. Gel pen on metallic card.

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Fashion babeyyy!!! I got a wild hair and wanted to draw the boys in something Nice so here they are!!! Refs used ofc but both were edited in the process lmao.

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hello everyone, time for some ✨ self promotion ✨

I have unleashed all of my Valentine's Day pins, new pride flag pins, some body positive stuff, stickers, and a couple pairs of earrings over on my etsy shop 🎉

so if you like my art and wanna help support a queer, disabled, indigenous artist please check out my shop, share my shop, boost this post, etc. and if you don't want to buy off etsy, you can message me right here and we can work somethin out. thank you!

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This is another old painting but one of my personal favorites. (Reposting since I moved instances. Also this makes me want to paint more clouds... 🤔 )

One of my favorite "Facts" about Vance is that his insides are just a writhing mass of black and dark blue tentacles, so if he's mortally wounded yes it *hurts*, but he can regenerate

also he blushes dark blue/black which is cute :3c

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FFFFFINALLY made Vance a big ol' refsheet!! His is and a half times bigger than the normal ref sheets njglbdfhkjdf and STILL his legs aren't long enough
oh well

I had fun drawing him!!! It's been awhile since I sketched him or drew him outright and it felt good to do so, he's like. One of my favorite characters, I just forget to draw him or never have ideas nkjlGFDL

Sad art hours 😔 

I've tried many times to get better with color but every attempt to try and play around with color is met with frustration and confusion

same with painting

It's like my brain just can't....get a grasp on any of it? Like I can vaguely understand concepts in theory but in practice I just can't Do It. and idk why that is >:( uurgh

I wish I was better at art, but a part of me also wishes I was satisfied with just being a sketch artist...blahhhh

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Sad art hours 😔 

gettin' to that point where I wish my art was more fun than it is 😔
I wish my art was a lot of things but I usually don't have the time, energy, or brain cells to figure out what I want or need to do to improve

I know a handful of my friends would argue that I should draw something that Isn't Just My Favorite OC's but by god they make me happy :( they're the reason I draw in the first place...without them I wouldn't be drawing at all kjgndljfhgd

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Important development: Matteo, when startled or very angry, does this now. NJGFDKSLF

Only when he's unglamoured, but he half-shifts in panic without thinking or controlling it 😔 He has to shake his face back to normal when this happens lol

(Bonus tiny doodle of him being indignant about someone scaring him)

I can't give context for this but it made me laugh so please look at it

I know .art allows nsfw but it has to be posted as unlisted or followers only, and I'm not comfortable posting it on this account anyways 😔

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Does aaaannnyyybody have any recommendations for alternatives to for posting NSFW art? :(
I'd really really like to avoid using artalley going forward bc of the previous toot, but I don't know of any nsfw-friendly alternatives I can post my nsfw art to.

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I'm sorry to say we are no longer federating with due to their stance on porn of underage characters. They also denied that a user posted Nazi symbolism that one of our users reported but has since been deleted.

I'm sorry if you had peers or friends there, but in my mind this is for the safety of the whole userbase.

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