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I realized it's actually time for a !

Hello my dudes!!

Ellteo | Queer | 23

I love to draw soft, queer content! I'm also super into / / and the like! I use way too many !'s and I'm generally overly friendly!

I post a lot of content about my ocs and you can follow them via my tag!

Below are some of my favorite doodles of my goons!! If you're curious about them at all you're welcome to ask me about 'em!!! :>

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:coffee_mug: COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN my dudes!!

Prices are listed below; I'm willing to do/attempt many things, such as:

:18only: NSFW art!
❤️ 🧡 💛 Couples of 2 or more! (Prices will vary!)
:tentaluv: Humanoids and Monsters

And more than I can list here! If you're interested but can't afford what is listed, or if you have questions, please DM me and we can talk! 💓

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Small update - I have a Ko-fi! :coffee_mug: If you like what I do or are just feeling sweet and generous, consider dropping me a ko-fi if you can?

Whether you do or don't - I appreciate you and any support you can give, in any way you can give it! Be that donations, boosts, interactions or fav's - Thank you SO much!

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It's been a Hot Minute since I drew the scene where Matteo and Blake meet back up after. what. 10 years of no contact??? so here's that :'D

Matteo is maaaaaddddd

and finally - This year! 2019!

Being in school made it kinda hard to draw very often for part of the year, but I still found time to sketch and doodle here and there. I rarely color things anymore bc I'm too busy just trying to *draw* anymore - I focus more on quantity instead of quality, I suppose.

I'm really proud of how far my art has come!! It's been a long-ass decade full of ups and downs stylistically but I can finally say I'm pleased with my art. It makes me happy!💕

2018!! It was. really hard to choose only 4 images for 2018 because I drew SO MUCH last year and a lot of it made me really happy to draw m lkjsfgsd

One of these, tho, is a revisit to one from 2016 so I felt like it should definitely be shared for comparison!

This was also the year Matteo's design really like. Changed. His hair became different, his facial hair changed, his color palette solidified, iirc?

2017! I still wasn't drawing Matteo Religiously at the beginning of the year, but that eventually changed lmao

Back in 2017 I was still in the mindset that I had to line and color everything I drew, so I was still not doing a whole Ton of art. That started to change in 2018.

2016 - the year Matteo was "born" !! He came around later in the year, around august to September. I got a lot more ambitious with my art after he came into the picture, tbh.

This also features his original design - which was a lot more Monster than it is now. He was as a whole just a lot more edgy mfsklhsdjfskd

2014 is entirely absent - I was a senior in HS at the time and I've since lost the art from then due to computer deaths mfakjslhfd

But here's 2015! I was really into TF2 at the time :Va This is definitely with a tablet by now - I also figured out *pen pressure*

Not much for 2013 unfortunately! I remember I wasn't very happy with my art and I still didn't have many ocs, so I just didn't really draw all that much, let alone upload it. :V which is a shame, but oh well. I have the sketchbooks somewhere...

2013 was the year I started getting into ocs, though. I made Crispin and Fenri around the same time - not that I knew what to DO with an oc, just. They existed.

CW'd for extremely mild nudity! (Like. barbie doll)

2012 - The year I tried to do sequential art set to music for hetalia mfal kjfhsdf I also tried to run an ask blog...I did a lot in 2012. There's a few animations I can't share bc they don't have backgrounds - for some reason they're transparent LMAO

Still no tablet! Drawn with my mouse, surprisingly.

2010 + 2011 bc I don't have much for either year; First two are from 2010, second two are from 2011.

I was drawing mostly traditional art for awhile until I got a tablet in like,,,,2013? I was also super cheesy/edgy bc I was a young weeb

(god, yes, a lot of this is going to be hetalia related. I'm so sorry.)

✨ Thread for my art through the decade! ✨

2009 - the year I figured out I could draw on oekaki boards with my mouse

Everything was TINY for some reason

I wanna make a thread of my art Through The Decade so to speak 🤔 from 2009 to now bc it's easier for me to compare it in stages and accept that *yeah I drew all of that huh*

also it REALLY shows that I started vastly improving once I made Matteo which is hilarious

I also rarely line or color anything anymore bc I realized it didn't make me happy to line things every time I drew sdjfhsadjlfs

I've been drawing since forever but my first foray into digital art was actually in 2009!

Back then, I used my mouse and an oekaki board to draw lmao

My art style has changed uhhhh *Drastically* since then, I'd say 🤔

man someday i really wanna commission someone to make plushies of the boys........god that's The Dream

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Julia's parents!! Margaret and Howard Simmons. They both suck. You have free roam to punch them if u want bc they are both Homophobic and Bad.

Thankfully, Julia only has to put up with them for so long :Uc I only drew them really to put faces to the once nameless asshole parents of hers dmfklhf YAY WORLDBUILDING!

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Both of Julia's parents are Not Great people but her dad takes the Cake bc he's a shitty wannabe politician who is also a bigot and a homophobe

Julia cuts contact with her parents As Soon As Possible :Va

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