A little winter garden update - after our first night of frost many things are still standing strong.

Purple sprouting broccoli and brussel sprouts can both stand the winter and crop until spring.

My personal favourite are the winter salads and mustards - spicy leafy greens we will harvest all winter and spring.

Plus, who knew how adorable brussel sprout plants are? Do you still have things in your garden?

A bit late for the spooky season I drew these skulls!
Just wanted to try out the black paper, but I'm very happy with how they turned out.

Hello friends, I thought I'd share how my first year of proper vegetable gardening went - so much better than I even expected!

It was a lot less work than I thought it would be, thanks to the no-dig method, and literally ever veggie I ate was so much prettier and tastier than any store bought one.

If you have the space and a bit of money to get started (mostly just buying compost) you can definitely do this! Its not as hard as one might think. Here to answer any questions!

Finished a new woodland painting! First oil painting that size. The second picture is how the painting started out. How do you like it, could I do anything better?

I have the hardest time painting, but of the few new ones I'm working on I like this detail best so far - really proud of the water, as I struggle with that normally.
What do you guys think? Would love some honest thoughts - it is a work in progress.

A big ol' tree today. Old work in oils. Im having a hard time painting, getting motivated. Hopefully I'll find my creativity again some time soon.

A repost from my old account.
An oil study from photos I took on a walk, was a really good learning opportunity for light!

Because I'm on a roll today I started watering my 1 year old ecospheres and I thought you'd maybe enjoy them.
They have been closed since I made them, there are actually small creatures in them, breathing the air the plants clean. You might see them on the closeup!

Guys, with a new garden year soon beginning I was wondering:

Do you guys think Mastodon would enjoy to see some selfsustainable gardening content? I'm thinking about making an account where I post my progress :)

My friend took this photo of older works and studies when lying them out so she could pick one, I like how colourful they are all together!

A recent oil painting, I love what oil does for depth and light in landscape paintings, trying to improve my skills! I just started painting about a year ago.
Forests are so magic and inspiring to me!

Two gouache studies very loosely inspired by John F. Carlsons paintings. Just trying to get some light-hearted practice without thinking about them too much. I like the light airy feeling they give me.

A small gouache painting of a lush, beautiful swedish landscape. I'd love to go for a hike there right now.
(Reposting the paintings from my old profile so I have them here)

Hi you friendly folks of Mastodon.Art!

I paint the things that make me happy. I hope they'll bring some calm and happiness to you too!

My favourite is painting forests. I use gouache, watercolours and If I'm really motivated, oils.

I'm excited to see loads of cool art and find new artists! Hope to learn from all of you!


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