So I'm having the hardest time finding creative energy to paint, do you have any tips for artists block?

I'd love some small easy creative tasks so I can get back into the groove of things without too much pressure.

@ElisaUllien I love doing paint swatches! I have a bunch of color charts that I pull out to work on whenever the mood strikes, or I'm feeling stuck. Or even just messing around and trying different color palettes. IDK about anyone else but I've developed this pressure and anxiety about sitting down to work on ART but swatches are low investment, low risk. Just fun and satisfying! And I find myself remembering how much I love the paint itself and what else I want to do with it!

@JLGribble I have actually been wanting to Swatch all my paints for a while now and just somehow forgot about it, this is a great idea! I'll for sure get inspired by that :)

@ElisaUllien Also giving yourself permission to make things that don't have to be shown. A sketchbook of scribbley doodled trees based on Google photos lol that no one has to see but it gets you putting utensil to paper.

@ElisaUllien decide to rearrange your art supply storage. I inevitably end up getting excited about some crusty old paint in the back that hasn't seen the light of day since last art block.

Alternatively, watch art videos on YouTube 😂 honestly makes me wanna do art every single time.

Bullet journal? If that's your thing? I started mine as simple as they come, the original system, not a single colour or illustration in sight. Then oops I made a small doodle and now I can't stop 😂

@LazyMilkshake the going through my art stuff idea actually sounds good, I have sooo many things I haven't tried in ages! Thank you!

@ElisaUllien happy to help, hope you find some gems in there that'll really reignite your inspiration

@ElisaUllien if you feel unable to concentrate and put down sustained effort, what i do is take watercolor and do a few minutes sketch of whatever i see. if the result is poor, at least i learned some observing and watercolor
it might also help to go through your old paintings, you might find something you want to remake or expand on. also try using what you have and never use. if making small things feels like a waste of time, make a set of small things, like several miniatures with one theme

@ElisaUllien @hamefang whenever I feel a block, it’s usually because I’m trying to make something “perfect”. This may or may not be the case for you, but if it is: don’t think about what you are going to make.

Do the bare minimum, eg. splash a drop of paint on a white canvas and leave it at that. Bonus points if you use your favorite color combination. If you’re still not feeling it, go focus on something else for a bit.

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