Because I'm on a roll today I started watering my 1 year old ecospheres and I thought you'd maybe enjoy them.
They have been closed since I made them, there are actually small creatures in them, breathing the air the plants clean. You might see them on the closeup!

@valgallardo awesome, how are they looking? I select the plants that can take high humidity and low light. You can tell you need to water them if there is little to no water setting on the glass on the colder side. (If that makes sense, English is not my first language)

@valgallardo did you put the little bugs in? I bought mine in a fish pet shop. They help keep the soil system and air circle working for longer time.

@mk1679_rocket yes! Haha I have been looking for that word, now that you say it it's obvious.

@Satsuma I don't know how much it was, but I have found too much doesn't happen very fast, and you could always open them to air it ou. I used a spray bottle and they all got at least 10 big sprays.
I decided it was time because the wate rstopped setting down on the glass on the colder side.

@banshee it's actually very easily done! if you have any questions hit me up :)

@ElisaUllien Thank you! I'm planning on making one in spring ❤️

@ElisaUllien what did you put in there exactly ? That would be cool to have something like that on my desk :D

@xakan Yes they are amazing to watch over time as they change! It's mostly tropical plants that can take high humidity and low light. Then also the springtails are very important to the ecosystem.

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