Guys, with a new garden year soon beginning I was wondering:

Do you guys think Mastodon would enjoy to see some selfsustainable gardening content? I'm thinking about making an account where I post my progress :)

@ElisaUllien this type of account is missing here, that's cool to see some gardening :)

@xakan yeah, that's what I'd like to see in here too! Thinking whether it would be better to have a separate account or post on this one with my art.

@ElisaUllien @xakan I'm all for it, too!

Whether separate account or not is up to you, I'd say. People can still follow the relevant tags if they are not interested in both subjects.

@guido @xakan thank you, I think I'll just continue here then! Art is inspired by the gardening anyway.

@ElisaUllien I think that's a good idea. In fact, you can do exactly what you want ;) But if both are linked, it's a good point to let it on the same account.


@xakan @guido yeah I was just worried people on would be annoyed by Gardening posts as this is an art instance.

@ElisaUllien I don't know the rules on this instance. Maybe you could ask to the admin for more information ?


@ElisaUllien @xakan @guido I doubt it. You’re an artist who is inspired by nature 😀

@ElisaUllien i would love to!! I've only gotten into gardening last year, so I'm eager to learn from others :)

@shad we only just started our garden last Autumn too, still building beds, this will be the first full year of growing things! But we have been reading up for years prior.

@ElisaUllien For real! Positive vibes should be promoted everywhere!

@ElisaUllien Please do post what YOU want to see on the net 👍

It's your timeline :-)

@ElisaUllien @botaflo weren't you looking for sustainable gardening few days ago ?

@ElisaUllien sounds great! especially, I'd love to see some tips and tricks on gardening, as I'm more or less a beginner ^^'

@Panda_Fusilleuse oh so you probably know more than me! I'm still constantly learning, this will be my first full garden year.

But it seems the garden will start in the good way by viewing your photos ! Can't wait to see the evolution !

@Panda_Fusilleuse thank you so much! It's the most fun, freeing thing I've ever done in my life! :)

@iwishiwereaplant that sounds amazing! I would love to have a community to share such things on here!

@ElisaUllien My friend @pgtips91 in new zealand is very interested in permaculture and sustainable gardening in general.

@ElisaUllien this would be welcome content over at @plants :ablobcatbongo: you don't have to join a new instance, just tag the group name and it will retoot automatically to anyone who follows the tag

@ElisaUllien Absolutly! Love to see more gardening/vegetable growing content here!

@Ted haha yes it's cool isn't it? My husband's father fixed it up himself and almost blew out one of his eyes in the process!

@ElisaUllien Yes please. As someone who has his own garden and grows his own vegetables and fruits I would enjoy it. And maybe I can learn a thing or two.

@_xhr_ oh cool! How is yours going then? I'd love to hear about it.

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