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Time for some lore...

Here we have the first part of my lore! I'll gonna name the whole thing until further notice Project Black. I'll gonna give out more details right after this toot here very very soon (in text form under this toot). Stay tuned!

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Let's talk. How did all of that started?

The Soulus Research Facility is a institution which has been created to research on many different stuff which are outside of earth + developing new potential technology for the future. They have a own private military group for... 'specific cases' and also a astronaut team for exploring worlds outside of earth.

The astronaut team found a planet which has (at least on the found location) a big amount of crystals, glowing in different types...

...of neo purple. Since the planet shows mostly a big amount of grey and black environments they gave the planet the name 'ZeroX6'.

Since the administrator thought they found sth really important for them they've created right after the discorvery a specific department in the section 'anomalous materials' for this planet.

And Oro got the leader position for this department bc he was one of the definitely more focused scientist who's able to fixate himself on his tasks.

After everything was ready to start, they took many crystals from the planet to start their researches and experiments.

The astronaut team stumbled during their collecting session also over a strange looking crystal. Shaped as a perfect shaped cube, served like on a silver plate on a plattform while being surrounded by normal, wild shaped one. What makes this crystal cube even more strange is the fact that it looks more black with a subtle soft purple point inside of it.

During the time where Oro and his team analyzed the crystal, something strange happened.

While Oro was on his way home through a forest he became witness of a falling object which landed close next to him. It turned out that this is some kind of capsule with a visible black substance inside of that. He claimed this thing for himself only since he found it and the substance reacted slightly with the crystals. The more he analyzed this substance the more he felt some kind of...

...connection with it. He believe that it's a unknown creature which shouldn't go through potential hurtful experiments. The other members tried that several times which led to a few heatful discussions. At the end, he was right by the administrator. During the time the substance started at least to waft a bit which confirmed Oro's theory.

As time went on the press noticed that and wanted infos from the facility. Under the press people also Alina Summer, one of Oro's friends.

(The ref should come short after this here and after I made a few little changes on the ref.) She works for a renowned newspaper in the department for science and technology (which's perfect for her since she has big interest in that stuff). And since she has a really good connection to the facility thanks to Oro she got some infos to publish earlier than other similar newspaper. And as a big event, she got (with many other) press people invited to learn more about the...

...project and the facility itself.

A another friend from Oro is Alex Palmer (ref comes also short after that). Worked for a good time for the private army of the facility and got recently promoted to be one of the first space rangers which should go on expeditions on different planets to gather new infos, materials, etc. For that, Oro desgined and developed a power suit for him so he's safe in space.

Let's move forward to day where everything has changed.

mention of bombs 

Remember the mentioned cube crystal? The team found it as the perfect test example to do some tests with their anti-mass spectrometer. It looks like it gave the least amount of radiation compared with the other examples. Their gauges had just one problem: They had a wrong configuration and weren't even really able to recognize the highly unstable, compressed energy which was basically a big bomb just waiting to explode.

While the press people are exploring the facility, Oro and his starting their experiment with their anti-mass spectrometer. Alex was the one who placed the cube on the plattform and starts the engine of the big spectrometer inside of the big test room.

And after it started, the chaos started.

The shockwave of the explosion hurled Alex down the input shaft (a more or less elevator which's a bit deep since the crystals are stored there). Flashes are dominating the test room completely...

... rays are punching against the walls dramatically. One of the flashs hit the floor where Oro's team member where. And one of the rays reached the floor where Oro was. The hit by the ray had the effect that he got teleport several times to complete different places. A few times on ZeroX6 then back to the test room but also more importantly on a specific space ship where he met someone special, Mike Lambertz - someone who wasn't a human definitely. Directly in his big chief room.

Since Oro entered it completely out of nowhere and looks completely different compared with the rest on the ship, a chase started through more or less the complete space ship until both stopped at the storage with alot of crystal where Mike almost got him. I say 'almost' bc the crystals made their effect and teleported Oro back to the facility.

This moment had the consequence that Mike was able to find out from where Oro and the... let's say signals from the crystals came from.

So he started a attack on earth.

While the chaos started, what did Alina? In short she tried ofc hide somewhere until the whole situation got better. While she did that several black 'things' spawned around her and through the whole facility. She found a place - Oro's own personal laboratory. Alex on the other hand lost his consciousness after he felt unlucky down for a bit.

After Oro came back to himself, he tried to get out of that and get, if possible, his friends together.

During his way he had to avoid new black slimey creatures. It looks like that fire is a good measure to keep them away from him.

He reached his laboratory to find it completely demolished and Alina. The found capsule with the black substance is also broken and complete empty. After their reunion they tried their best to get somehow out, avoided the black creatures but also more normal looking things which are looking like soldiers (not their own ones).

They've reached later...

mentions of gun violence 

...a little terrace in a glass dome where both are seeing what happens - the complete facility and everything else in the horizon is about to be taken over by this unknown army.

While they saw the disaster someone approached to them which was Mike. After the chaos Oro did on his ship he only wanted to punish him for all of that. After a intensive fight Oro got a bullet shot in his forehead.

They took Alina with them since she's for some reason important for him.

While Oro is now laying on the ground and every one else is gone a black creature which has kinda a form. approach to him and clings on him.

Oro founds himself completely somewhere else again where it feels like that he relives the memories of someone in a big metropolis. This is a backstory of someone else which I WON'T explain here now (this thread is already too long the more I write).

After that he founds himself again on the terrace but his vicinity looks off for him.

It looks kinda like he's on a different level - on the spirit level to be more exactly. He's able to feel the hole on his forehead, he can see his physical body laying on the ground (even if it's looks a bit blurry) and... there's the figure looking outside which looks 'normal' compared to the rest.

Since he has no idea anymore what the heck is going on, he tips his shoulder and the figure looks like one of the things which Mike is basically.

He call himself Black and...

...can't believe that he's able to stand on his feets and talk again after a longer time. But he said right after that there's no time to lose bc he doesn't know how long he's able to keep him (Oro) brain together and keeping the rest of his body alive.

He explained very short that he's able to explain everything, to escape death, that he needs his body to finish sth which he has started and that he needs his trust (and vice versa) to do that since his (Oro's) body is refusing this.

Since Oro has no real better choice than to die really and wants to save Alina, he accepts that and a transformation began. In short, Black took over Oro's body so he's able to avoid death. The only ceveat: Black controls the body pretty much almost completely while he's swirling around him(self?) in a much more spirit form but still able to see what Black sees and partly feel too.
The rest of this chapter: They've managed to sneak inside of the big space ship where Mike was to leave the earth.

Oh and Alex: After he got back to himself he managed to leave the facility (after defeating several slimey monster creatures and acquiring the one and the other upgrade for his power suit) and to reach a space ship (which was developed in parallel with the power suit) to leave the planet too.


And... that's it for the prologue. Was absolutely not too long to read (/s). And if you've read every thing, thank you very much! I hope you've interest for that.

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