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eye strain, slightly gore 

Time for some lore...

Here we have the first part of my lore! I'll gonna name the whole thing until further notice Project Black. I'll gonna give out more details right after this toot here very very soon (in text form under this toot). Stay tuned!

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Why you shouldn't have any expectation on your stuff on social media 

Yes, the cw may sound for some a bid weird.
So let me explain it:

I was on social media before this here with a dream: showing my own stuff and making myself (hopefully) a name with my own stuff, ideas, etc (a.k.a putting expectation into my stuff).

And I can tell that the second part of it was a horrible mistake...

You know... being social media with this mindset can be - no IS - poison for the own mental health.

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Hi. My name's Echo, I'm a artist who wants a fresh new start here and to show / share my own ideas, characters and other stuff with the others!
I'll gonna start later to show the first batch of my characters which I've created so far. So... let's see how it will go here.

:reverse_birb:, stupid algorithm 

It‘s every time ‘impressive’ how Twitter thinks to know my ‘interests'. Spoiler: 99% are complete bs. And they’re pulling them probably for every little thing which I just see there (for example: stuff which I simply scroll over).

But tbh, it’s better than knowing my interests exactly like Facebook/Meta.

Hi. Yes I still exist. I'm fine and also really busy at the moment. I've also a pic in the line for someone. Plus I'm writing just for fun a translation of a german video for someone so I may use it for a (would be my very first try) rough animated video*

*Take that with very high caution bc Idk if I'll gonna do it at all bc that would eat a lot of time and my time is very limited.

For everyone who's wondering maybe:

I've lost recently a lot amount of free time. This means that I won't be able to draw really much. While I'll try to do that maybe on weekends, I can't promise sth + I've also other stuff which I want to do beside drawing.

Thanks for your understanding.

eye contact 

And here we have the last character of my first batch, Alina Summer.

Always seeking for new stuff which can be reported, Alina is the one who reports about everything new good and reliable - especially from the Soulus Research Facility, faster than other potential news outlets.

What will be her next story?

Google being... well Google again 

Looks like Google has changed a little tiny thing on their API again so apps like NewPipe and co don't work now. 'Thanks' Google! And no, I still won't pay for Premium or even use your terrible app with trackers.

Fortunately, NewPipe found already a way to solve the issue. So a update will come probably very soon.

Nintendo changed terribly 

...being assholes to their fans and content creators by: calling their lawyers if someone dares to make fan content like game for example or pressure content creators to sign a shitty contract which says that they're not allowed to show any type of fan content of other people.

I could continue that.

To keep it short: The Nintendo which I've learned to love when I was young died together with Satoru Iwata. Period. Change my mind.

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Nintendo changed terribly 

But I've also other problems with Nintendo generally. Long story short: completely unfinished/barebone titles with almost no content with a terrible price (e. g. Mario Strikers), milking out the last drops from their one game by making DLCs where the texture of (almost) everything looks like hard plastic (MK8D Booster pack), HQ presidents which came from the finance sector and just focus on money (RIP Satoru Iwata) and...

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Splatoon 3 and Nintendo + rant 

Nintendo’s recent direct for S3 reminded me about my (less) love/(more) hate relationship with them. Tbh, I won't buy it. When I saw the first trailer last year I was a bit interested in that but now I lost completely interest to that. The few pics which I saw from the recent direct on :reverse_birb: where also enough for me to ignore it completely.


:reverse_birb:'s algorithm being weird 

Y'know what confused (and does still even now) me for a longer time on :reverse_birb:? How they filter potential 'insulting' comments on tweets of other people.

The weird thing about this: It marks comments which are completely the opposite. They're not insulting/bad towards the OP, they're very friendly! And exactly this one get's the warning banner that the following answer(s) which 'may includes insulting content'.

... wtf bro.

The world was a better place for around 20 minutes.

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Damn :reverse_birb: is down again. Can it be permantly k thx!

possible eye contact 

So. Let's (finally) continue with the next ref - this time Alex Palmer.

Thanks to his friend Oro, he's able to secure (and explore also) the facility as one of the first space rangers with his new power suit. The other people around him have the opinion that the facility doesn't need that - they've already explorers and that they're getting attacked by (for example) aliens is for them really impossible.

... If they're correct with that?

So, I've finished Alex's ref today. Gonna publish him tomorrow while I correct Alina's ref and add two (hopefully good looking) heads of her in different angles.


AND HEY! There's no option to deactivate this shit, you've to install a god damn browser extension to hide this crap.

It's ofc useful for companies/brands but not for private individuals like artists for example who don't have the interest for that (so basically around 97% of all artists felt). I mean the numbers of likes and RTs are already enough stuff to poison someone's mental health. 'BUT NO WE NEED MORE' they said.


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If there's a other thing which's terrible for the own mental health beside the algorithm from hell than it's their terrible uncle named 'tweet statistics' which are showing several numbers about how your specific tweet performs.

I would like to name it also YT video statics for tweets which have the same potential problem to give people the 'Number Sickness'. Aka some people are getting instantly panic and mental breakdown if a video - or here a tweet/pic - gets less attention.

I really like smooth animation in system ui's, but it's sometimes really unnecessary slow for my taste (I'm looking at you :reverse_birb: app).

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Damn running Android where all animation is on 0.5x speed (that's faster there, not slower like on YT) makes the phone a good amount faster and snappier! Too bad that this is hidden in the developer settings and not a regular option.


So... I made on :reverse_birb: clear that I'll won't talk really about other stuff which I've in my mind. Mastodon is here a much better place bc of having more space to type, limiting who can see it really w/o having to lock the entire acc for eveyone and a tiny bit chance to start maybe a discussion.

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drawings from last year that were mostly for trying out some new brushes, but they're kind of neat and i never posted them so, here you go

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