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Mornin' y'all. Have a game I made a while back. My first finished game ever, in fact! There's a frog merchant and a waterfall cave so I don't know what else you could possibly want.

@ELJ1 For future reference, tag this with and this games bot should retweet it :3 I think. Yeeee waterfall cave!

@ELJ1 Just played your game! My fave encounter was feeding the baby slime, aww! I also liked that the moon is an adoptive daughter. I also liked the unusual palette choice.
Was there anything to be done with the crystal? And was there any music? (That could be me, I'm not sure my system plays music in Bitsy games.)
Anyway, nice work! I enjoyed myself! Thank yoU!

There wasn't any music, namely because I can't make music. And thanks! I'm still learning how to pick pallets, so I feel like this one was a little rough

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