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Hi, I'm Elijah One, and I live in a cave in the woods next to an old TV someone threw away. I make things. Stories, games, posters, pictures, worldbuilding, RPG stuff, really just a bunch of different things. It's all on if you're curious.

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Why not visit the Suricrasia Online Online Library? We've got uhhh *deftly picks book off top of "most popular" pile* Leveraging Unbreakable Curses For Long Term Data Storage

Hey @Curator, is there a directory set up on .art yet? And if so, how do I opt in? Do I just put the appropriate hashtags in my bio?

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if you designed a simple solarpunk jrpg what would the core mechanic be?

Thinking about how "lost technology" in fiction is always single-use computer bits instead of real-ass Technologies that would have real and significant societal impact.

For example, the Romans invented concrete. Then the empire collapsed, and that recipe was lost for hundreds of years, until it was re-invented in 1824.

Now imagine what the world might look like today if say, North Africa, an area which frequently traded with the Romans, had access to concrete structures before Europe did.

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I tend to post slightly freer and more personally here than on other social sites for whatever reason.

Twitter, specifically, feels like semi-sentient RSS feeds yelling at each other and Mastodon harbors more an asynchronous chat room vibe.

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Hackers need to step up their game and delete everyones loans, bad credit and mortgages. #Showerthoughts

I need to talk to someone who has a better grip on the concepts of economic degrowth and international socialism than I do. It is important, so I can write my goofy space story. Having a normal one.

Elijah "Economics are an important aspect of worldbuilding that everyone definitely cares about" One

Is it even possible to write classic pulp-styled sci-fi that is also anticapitalist? I love pulpy shit to hell and back, but the classic tropes of planetary exploration and colonization are basically just accelerated forms of colonialism/globalization, which are deeply and irreversibly intertwined with capitalism. You'd need to come at it from a completely different angle, and I have no idea what that might even be.

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Hmmm, I wonder if I should make a newgrounds account. Newgrounds seems to be having a bit of a Renaissance right now. They do longform writing too, right?

Practicing 60 second figure drawing, most were bad but this one was good

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Here are some cursed weapons i drew.

i bet these fuckers whisper shit to you when you wield them, about how your aim is off, or you gotta work on your swingin' arm.

#mastoart #weapons #fantasy

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painting blood tut. blood smear and drip on white bg. light gore. Show more

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how intense should your contrast be and how sharp should the highlights be? it depends on your materials.

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One of my friends said they read this to the tune of we didn't start the fire so I can never get that out of my head now

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