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some spaceship/ spacestation interieur doodels

Thanks to all of you that liked and boosted my last post. Although I didn’t make a single sale, it’s still cool a few of you did that for me.


Sorry to beg post again, but please check out the album I made, and if you like it, give it a purchase as you’ll be supporting a struggling independent artist. I’ve set the min. price of only a few bucks, cheap! Also, you may pay more if you want, but cool if not!

Thanks so much everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and enjoy the weekend!



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Is anyone else fed up of the sudden influx of porn-related accounts trying to follow for return follows? If you’re one those accounts, seriously- just bugger off.

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like, ok, you're two washed up hacks and you think that people having different ways of describing their sexual identity is "stupid."

ok, that's cool, whatever. but there's no need to lampoon people who are trying to figure out where their place in the world is. that's like shooting at fish in a barrel.

first rule of comedy, assholes: don't punch down

Want to listen to some new tunes and support independent musicians? Give this album a try- it’s only a few bucks at the moment so why not, eh??




This is track 4 on my first released album, available on all platforms!

It’s about not wanting time to move forward, for unwanted changes are always inevitable.

I hope you like the song, and it’d be awesome if you could like/share/buy, as any support is much appreciated.


Got paid for scoring an animation. I feel like a god.

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I’m feeling really loved with the nice bit of support I’ve gotten for my music in the last couple of days. Thanks everyone! 😀

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@DudesterProductions I love the band name. I'll listen to your music soon.

Is there a specific track that you want me to pay attention to?

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I am not currently soliciting from anyone directly, so feel free to jump in and share.

Share a track, and a bandcamp link. You can reply here or DM me for an email address.

Boosts appreciated.

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Doing a podcast episode that’s just a big ol playlist of independent music.

If you make music, and especially if I know you, and you want to be included, let me know.

I’m trying to keep each episode around 20 minutes, and if I get enough submissions I’ll make this a regular feature.

Sorry to be a pain, but I’m in desperate need of support for my music. Please listen, like, share, follow, subscribe and support as much as you can, I’ll love you forever!

Facebook- @DbDiminishing

Bandcamp- davidboydthediminishingreturns


‘David Boyd & the Diminishing Returns’ on iTunes, Apple Music, google, amazon...everywhere!

Thanks so much, everyone! Have a great weekend ❤️

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