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Here’s another song I wrote which appeared on my album ‘David Boyd & the Diminishing Returns’. I thought it’s appropriate to post on as it was written about someone I really liked, but knew I wouldn’t get to see anymore, and had no way to change fate.

To all the other single people out there who are dreading the horror of Valentine’s Day, I raise my fist in solidarity. ✊️

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Here’s a lyric of a song from my released album ‘David Boyd & the Diminishing Returns’, available everywhere!

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I can now say that I have, in fact, cried in to a tesco salad...

My butt might break chairs, but it also breaks hearts.

Been messing with different versions of an image, and stumbled across making this surrealist piece of oddness!

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on my earlier post. Really makes me love Mastodon even more- I get almost zero feedback on other platforms, so its good to actually be able to interact with an online community in proper fashion. It’s social media utopia! 😀

That’s actually a great idea! Thank you!

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So I could use some help in deciding which colour scheme to use for my new project cover. Blue, green, beige or black and white? What do you think? Thanks! Xx

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I've decided I want a country song called "Console Cowboy" about tractor hackers.

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Boost if CWs actually make you more inclined to read things than to skip over them because of a default self-preservation setting you’ve adapted to navigate life.

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@Curator Thanks for all the boosts recently, I really appreciate it! *salutes*


Here’s a performance video I made for a song called ‘Not the Good Guy Anymore’, which is featured on an album I made and released, available everywhere. I hope you enjoy the video, and please like/share/subscribe. Maybe give the album a try too! Thanks. Dave xxx