I’m delighted to see that the new single and re-release of the album have reached over 1000 streams already! (David Boyd & the Diminishing Returns)

Thanks so much to all of you that have supported us by listening and adding my songs to your playlists, I seriously appreciate every single one of you.

Keep on listening and spreading the word about our music, and most importantly of all - have a fab week!



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I made a thing, it's a code-generated number station podcast:


It has two sources of data: 1) my mysterious corpus 2) you can submit your own message.

Messages are encrypted and read aloud. There's also some music and other random variety. It's weird, but I like it. It's not quite as automated and/or 100% computer-generated as I would like, and I'll probably fiddle with it forever, but here it is!


Make sure y’all save/download my music to your playlists, I’m on Spotify and Apple Music as ‘David Boyd & the Diminishing Returns ‘. Thanks!!

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If YouTubers could announce they're trash at the beginning of their videos that would save me getting over twenty minutes in before they refer to people who discuss racist tropes in media as 'moralising busybodies'.

My album is confirmed for re release on Spotify and Apple Music on the 10th September! Yay!

Anyone in the mood to try some new music? Check my stuff out in the link below. If I can make just one sale, I’ll consider it a success!! 😂


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“Home is whenever I’m with you”.

This started as a doodle and I love how she turned out. I love drawing bunnies. (✿◠‿◠)

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Thanks to all of you that liked and boosted my last post. Although I didn’t make a single sale, it’s still cool a few of you did that for me.


Sorry to beg post again, but please check out the album I made, and if you like it, give it a purchase as you’ll be supporting a struggling independent artist. I’ve set the min. price of only a few bucks, cheap! Also, you may pay more if you want, but cool if not!

Thanks so much everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and enjoy the weekend!



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Is anyone else fed up of the sudden influx of porn-related accounts trying to follow for return follows? If you’re one those accounts, seriously- just bugger off.

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like, ok, you're two washed up hacks and you think that people having different ways of describing their sexual identity is "stupid."

ok, that's cool, whatever. but there's no need to lampoon people who are trying to figure out where their place in the world is. that's like shooting at fish in a barrel.

first rule of comedy, assholes: don't punch down

Want to listen to some new tunes and support independent musicians? Give this album a try- it’s only a few bucks at the moment so why not, eh??




This is track 4 on my first released album, available on all platforms!

It’s about not wanting time to move forward, for unwanted changes are always inevitable.

I hope you like the song, and it’d be awesome if you could like/share/buy, as any support is much appreciated.


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