I’ve been working on this off and on for a few days now. I’m mostly happy with it. Raziel and Dahlkiel In a much needed hug out.

His looks have changed a bit over the last year, mostly because I cant stick with one design. But all in all he's got gold hair cut in a long bob, deep skin, and big indigo eyes.

Raziel, Seraph of Secrets. Has a few of his own as well. Unlike most of the other seraphs, he actually still likes humans and is very defensive of them. He likes old fashion clothing, anything tight on the waist. He gets along with demons, and idolizes them a little. He's a tol beanpole despite his look.

Reference for Raziel, a seraph of secrets and information. He loves humans and tends to bend a lot of rules. He’s a tol bean but his lover is even bigger.

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I did this quick sketch of Katara in kinda fighting-training garb and looking bamf.

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Hi I'm new here! I'm going to slowly be posting my oc art and maybe try talking about them too :o)

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me in the future after 20 years of intense art practice:

I'm just a beginner teehee :) I'm just starting out :)

First three pages. Still a work in progress but you can at least get an idea what’s going on. I got this comic sketch book at Target today and it’s nice to have the layout already. I know this isn’t the best dynamic for making your own manga/comic. But I like having a good way to practice and plan. I can always redo the panels later digitally.

Literally all I care about is old anime, and all my OCs.

Also I'm still a slut for Gundam Wing content.

Body modification 

I finally gave Samaiel his new look. He started my series, he is so important to me. I missed him.

He’s currently nameless. I don’t associate with that RP partner anymore I wanted to give him something new.

He’s an incubi, and his speciality is light electric manipulation. He keeps his hair and eyes gold because the color makes him look expensive despite the fact that he’s always broke AF.

He smells like electricity, his favorite food is potatoes. He doesn’t have a shadow form but an electric one and can store himself inside a battery.

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Event reward for: Ola
Haku from Spirited Away

I got carried away with the background ;_;

#art #drawing #mastoart

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