If anyone is interested in seeing what else we've done, we're soon to be releasing another game called NeuroNet: Mendax Proxy.

it's a narrative-driven city management game where you play as an AI that must balance the needs and wants of its many citizens in order to determine the fate of a post-cyberpunk city.

You’ll face 1000s of dilemmas with only your evolving moral compass to guide the way as you try to find your humanity in a world losing theirs to technology.

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@DreamHarvest I wish we had the time to put so many moral choices in Lets Build a Zoo....this looks great

@springloaded Thanks :) Its been a lovely project to work on. We're really proud of the over-arching story in the game and each of the character's personal stories.

@DreamHarvest @welshpixie looks fantastic! Will it be PC only or will it run on Macs?

@thetasbane @welshpixie It's going to be PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/AppleTV/Android and will eventually be coming to Nintendo Switch a few months after its initial launch.

@DreamHarvest @thetasbane I don't envy you the console porting, good luck 😂 But yay for Linux! That's amazing!

@welshpixie @thetasbane hehe, yea, can be a bit of a nightmare - though better than it was a few console generations back!

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