First I wanted to buy Snack World again, but then I remembered the S&M Genies, the tentacle "jokes" and also some characters with suggestive outfits "spandex and a whip". I almost puked because of that, and then I canceled the order. Not worth the 20 bu...

Project Cars 1 and 2 = Speeeeeen simulator. Bad games and terrible controls.
Project Cars 3 = Finally they have fixed the controls and the game is actually playable. Good game with Dark Souls like difficulty on some tasks, because sometimes, if you need...

What a shame, Blues Clues was a nice kids-show once, but now it is just sht and a garbge propaganda machine. Now what this show need, is to replace the dog with a crossbreed of a dog and a cat. Would fit in this world, where 6-year-olds get instructed to pleasure themselves.

Ah yes, I forgot. It is this month again. You know the one. For me, it's just June.

First, I have to say that while Elgg was very cool and convenient, in the end the cost of maintaining my PHP server was not worth it. That's why I return to the networks like Diaspora, because I know that this instance has useful functions to post on Twitter and also on Tumblr.

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@Minty_Boio need a solid flat surface for the mouse otherwise it'll roll off

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video: "But first, a word from our sponsor!-"


I had Mario Odyssey for Switch, but never played it and sold it again. I never felt like playing any Mario cr*p. Mario is just some money-making mascot. Nothing else. But you know, everyone said, Odyssey Mario is cool and stuff, but meh.

Just got my 6th and 7th shot of Astrid.😀✌️ I am fully immune now. I'll get my 8th one next week of John.

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Here's how you fuck up a newborn for digital claps from mentally broken anger addicts.

Just got my 5th jab. Now I am Mother Teresa. I'm still wearing the mask like a dumb sheep though. Tomorrow I get my 6th and 7th jab, so I get more attention and ascend once again.

You know, when it's too far? When someone makes Electro-Swing out of Jizz music.

Just listen:


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