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I haven't posted the updates from Thursday, Friday, or Monday, so if you want to take a look starting from Thursday it would be at

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‪Magnetic North update! kinda. it’s junk food. but i worked really hard on it for once.

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"I wonder why I don't remember dreams anymore."
"Trial period's over."
"Only sleep is free. Dreams are premium."
#MicroFiction #tootfic

Another day another update!

(Someday I'll get preview images on here, but today is not that day. >_> )

I've been trying to get these updates to auto-toot (teehee) from wordpress, but the wordpress plugin I found apparently doesn't recognize the webcomic plugin's categorization of the webcomic posts. :(

I suppose I should also find a way to get the image into the post as well... maybe this will work?

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This is Ruth! She's my bard character (for D&D) and she's a cool old lady 🎺 🎶

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Right, gonna post this! Quiet Up Here was my first 'serious' foray into making comics and actually finishing the darn things, rather than doing a couple of pages and then giving up. I drew and inked it during Inktober... 2015, I think? and then coloured and posted it early the next year.

It was done entirely traditionally other than the lettering, and possibly as a result has aged really badly, in my eyes 8,) But it was a start and I'm still glad I did it, even if it looks incredibly wonky.

Gonna post the rest in a thread, which may go incredibly wrong and out of order, but we'll see!

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This is a comic about a really funny situation Keldra got herself into during our last DnD play session.
I had to make a comic out of it, it was too good not too. Needless to say our Party rouge was NOT impressed.

Time for some - I'm Erica. I draw a called Random Doodles, and like to doodle other things in my spare time.

I also like video games (especially Blizzard games), writing (sometimes), and reading (when I find some spare time outside of playing video games). I program things for my day job, and sometimes for fun too. :)

Here's some I've made 'recently'!

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it can be a little confusing here at first, so i hope this helps!

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