Played a ice breaker game where we're supposed to mention something interesting about ourselves. I mentioned winning NaNoWriMo 6 times, and I guess everyone thought it was like a 'real' contest where someone actual judged what you read, I guess? I felt a little silly explaining it was just writing 50k words as a personal challenge. :/

@lylaha I guess it's not one of those sushi joints that also sells not-sushi things? Sometimes you can convince people who don't like sushi to go if you point out the menu has other options.

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@thiskurt "What is this talk of release? My code is not released, it /escapes/ leaving a trail of broken testers in its wake!"
- reason #7 why you don't hire Klingon developers

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I'm drawing comics for but haven't posted any yet. Anyone have some tips on how to easily take pictures of comics and get them posted? Usually I end up with weird shadows or odd photo sizes...

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Hey #4theword-ers!

My Nano entry for the 4-for-4 contest is up!

Go check it out (and vote, and link me to yours, etc).

💚 💙 💚

aaaahaahahaaha POTENTIALLY BAD NEWS FOR ME re: this comic im doing Show more

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Any suggestions / advice on good places for BuJo inspiration?

I'm going to be composing something about my BuJo setup and am looking for ideas to add for others to help them find their way.

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Whenever I sit down and just think about stuff I feel irrationally guilty that I'm not actively working. THIS IS BAD!!!

It's very important to remember that in creative work of any kind (this includes things like programming tbh), the more time you spend getting your thoughts in order, the smoother your execution will be. Even just taking a walk and letting your brain air out a little can be invaluable. 100% efficiency does not mean 100% active work.

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Quick tip for traditional media artists:

Used Toffifee packages (or many other chocolate packages for that matter!) are perfect for use as cheap disposable paint/ink/etc. palettes. :)

Incase you need some extra places to mix colours!

@aldersprig Thanks! Just used it when creating my account just now. :3

@aldersprig Are you able to refer people to this site? I was thinking of joining after seeing your posts about it (and saw the referral code section)

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I'm still salty about this tbh, I had to end up making a comic about it.

@PDz I think a one-off would be excellent practice, personally! Knowing there's a not-so-distant end to the story helps with planning, I would think.

Notebooks are always handy for video game notes. I've always had some notebook or another around for notes but now I can just use this.

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