In other news, I've been sticking pretty well to using my

I ended up getting a dotted leuchtturm1917 (in red, of course), and some pretty pens as a Christmas gift from my sister. Hopefully I will actually do the things I keep making lists for... :)

@DoodlesAtRandom Ohhh the dotted Leuchtturm 1917 is the dream! I'd love to see how you bullet journal if you're comfortable sharing pics of course. I could never get into the bullet system myself, but I love looking at other people's bujos. XD

@dona Sure! I can probably snap a pic after work.

Mine is definitely more business and words than doodles. Some people make really fancy looking pages, but I think I'd be much less likely to use it if I made every page beautiful. (And even with dots I have issues drawing straight lines... haha)

@DoodlesAtRandom Yeah, fancy pages are fun to look at, but it's difficult to make time to create entire notebooks like that.

@DoodlesAtRandom Looks good! That's a great way to log videogame goals... it's giving me ideas. X'D

Notebooks are always handy for video game notes. I've always had some notebook or another around for notes but now I can just use this.

@DoodlesAtRandom Truuueee! I take game notes every now and then but it's always in a different notebook, I swear. Might as well stick it in the journal!

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