I'm going to try and do a next year, so I'm practicing with a mini-journal this month.

So far so good. It's only been 2 days though. I'm notoriously bad at doing journaling, though.

But I have such a love for notebooks! (To never use)

@DoodlesAtRandom I keep a journal with some elements of bullet journalling! 😀 I think it's something most people can get something good out of, the trick is finding a way that's comfortable and enjoyable for _you_ and not beating yourself up if you skip some time - don't start over, just get back to it! I hope you'll have fun with your bujo! 🤓

@oly I have liked it so far; there's a lot to do in december (what presents did I get? What presents did I -wrap-? Do I need to get more???) and writing it all out helps keep me more collected.

I definitely think some aspects (like logging habits and such) would make me have regrets, but as you say, it's very easy to go 'no, that won't work for me' and just not do it. :)

@DoodlesAtRandom I usually have a monthly spread that's pretty much a calendar and I log certain things there since most of things I want to track are not daily and trackers of daily habits unnerve me (I tried that as a phone app and didn't like having to remember to click a button after each cup of tea).

Some things are an on-and-off thing, it works one month but doesn't work another (gratitude lists in my case).

But yeah, I think journals both help you remember current ongoing stuff AND are fun to look back later. 😀

@oly I'm using an app to track the most important daily habits so I wouldn't really want to double-track.

Of course, after using it for nearly a year I'm starting to lose the habit to check the app, whoops.

@DoodlesAtRandom Heh, you're still doing better than me there, I didn't last one week! With journals though it's been over 2 years of consistent use by now.

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