I've been trying to get these updates to auto-toot (teehee) from wordpress, but the wordpress plugin I found apparently doesn't recognize the webcomic plugin's categorization of the webcomic posts. :(

I suppose I should also find a way to get the image into the post as well... maybe this will work? randomdoodles.com/wp-content/u

@DoodlesAtRandom Wait you can auto update? Masto has integration plugins?

@spritewrench Mastodon has capabilities to have apps post for you and such. There are a couple of Wordpress plugins I found that could take your post and put it on Mastodon.

One of them required you to enter your password into the plugin, so I didn't even try that out. The other one had you get an API key (good), but I don't think it's compatible with another Wordpress plugin I'm using. I do think it would work for normal blog posts on Wordpress, though.

Overall, there aren't too many plugins/apps that I've found that easily take work from one place and also lets you put it on Mastodon.

@spritewrench It seems a little easier to copy posts out of here than to bring them in. (You have an rss feed of all your posts here, so things that can read rss can do things).

I feel like it's possible to write your own plugin/app/thing to do what kind of cross-posting you may want, but it's definitely not as out-of-the-box as other places. But maybe that's for the best for now? (though I will forget to post my comic here pretty often, haha)

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