To try and get back into drawing, I decided to revisit one of my favorite 80s Toy/Cartoon Franchises, The Centurions.

To start, here are the main villains: Doc Terror, and his main henchman, Hacker.

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😃 #Mastodon is getting a lot of new users right now, but, importantly, it's also getting new instances. Here are two comics focused instances for #under1000

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Here’s what I really like about this place: I’m discovering some pretty amazing artists. :)

If anyone is looking for a Mastodon app for their iDevice, I’m currently digging Tootdon.

I really, really enjoy having CLIP Studio Paint on iOS. :)

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Hawke from is a character very dear to my heart. Here's some tarot cards I painted; the sun and the moon. ☀️ 🌙

Ah. Found a nice Mastodon app for my phone. That makes this a bit easier to post from here.

So, next question: If I wanted to post in another instance, is that possible w/o having to create a new username there?

Or, should I be treating this place like IRC (I’m old), and just plan on having an account for each channel?

I have a face on this thing, now! Finally!

Also: hello! I’m Doug. I’m a freelance comic, storyboard, and concept artist. I also tend to teach a lot of people how to use CLIP Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio) on Mac, PC, and now iOS.

I’ll try to start posting some art here, as I become a bit more acquainted with this place. :)


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