Not too much had been going on. I haven't been doing art, been too busy at work. I got a raise and I can pick up hours. I got put back on retail, to be honest though, I needed a change of pace.

Someone 3D printed these axolotls and I get to be the Mommy of these cute plants. My housing does not allow pets, so I got some small plants in axolotl planters. I named them wooper and Dr. Shrunk. I love them very much.

Well folks. I've had a rough start. A CO worker of mine died. I really liked his company. Also I didn't get to go diving this weekend as planned, and my car died on me. The cost would have been 10grand in repairs, so we scrapped it. I can't get a new car till Feb. Lucky my dad had an extra vehicle I could borrow. His sienna van. It's a little difficult to handle it, but at least I can keep going to work.

When you find out some of your favorite artists are coming to town on on your birthday

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving. This year I don't really have a Thanksgiving. My roommates will be out, so I will likely make my own with whatever. I'm going to get some provisions tonight for the Friday meal as I work Thursday.

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