👋🏻 I’m Alix and I’m a science educator from Philadelphia. I love museum collections, science communication, and all things marine biology and geology. 🦑🌊 Using social media as a platform to engage people around science and caring for our planet 🌱 #introduction

Today on the world of your art isn't good enough and I'd probably still not buy it... I shared the manatee silhouette painting I made. Someone was saying it needed more pinks purples and lighter colors. -sigh- that's not how painting works guys ...

Wooo job interview at my place of employment. For full time status

Teddy the loggerhead turtle and a seahorse. From the sea life aquarium where I work.

Me with Bruce Carr (balloon guy) two aspies being ourselves. He made me a figment balloon animal.

This Thursday I'm going to walk around at work and Friday-Sunday it's anime festival Orlando time!! I'm dawning figment once more. I'll share cosplay pics and fish pics later.

Also the left glove ripped at the seams and I don't have a machine to fix them. :(

I cosplayed figment. I'm pretty as figment. Full costume soon.

normalize wearing whatever fucking clothing you feel comfy in regardless of what your gender or sex is

I told the Creator of kaiju big battel (a monster wrestling group I'm obsessed with) he can use any of the fan art I've sent him for posters and promotions or shirts. I'd be honored if he wanted to. I hope he does.

I gave this to a wrestler I've been chatting with and enjoying watch preform.

Moved in to a new home and working almost non stop.

We will be upgrading over the next day. If you see any hiccups, please simply refresh your browser &/or wait patiently for <20 minutes due to the data migrations — any downtime should be brief & expected.

Your tootastic art is safe and backed up.

This is my June sched So far. Moving date is unknown, but looking at July now. Hoping to work Metrocon late July, and go to AFO in early Aug. I enjoy working nights.

It's official. I'm going to move soon. Still in FL, but to a new section. Will be setting up the PC again and getting to stream once more after I move. Hoping to make more drawings and paintings too.

I haven't posted as much cause I've been busy and a move might happen soon. And then I'll have tons of time for more art.

Having fun tonight with a friend who is having a birthday. Been working hard at my new job and I'm moving soon.

For posterity, my last 'complete' work was this greasy lad named Derek. It was gonna be just a quick sketch, but I kept messing with it. mastodon.art/media/PzabOwCJ_wg

From Saturday night, galaxy M108 in Ursa major. 19 minutes L, 4 minutes each R, G, and B. 0.2m f3.9 Newtonian telescope.

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