Well folks. I've had a rough start. A CO worker of mine died. I really liked his company. Also I didn't get to go diving this weekend as planned, and my car died on me. The cost would have been 10grand in repairs, so we scrapped it. I can't get a new car till Feb. Lucky my dad had an extra vehicle I could borrow. His sienna van. It's a little difficult to handle it, but at least I can keep going to work.

When you find out some of your favorite artists are coming to town on on your birthday

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving. This year I don't really have a Thanksgiving. My roommates will be out, so I will likely make my own with whatever. I'm going to get some provisions tonight for the Friday meal as I work Thursday.

Added a windmill. It's better now. Ready for shipping.

but as you can all see, I have gotten a few paintings out. one for Christmas for my mom (Impossible dream) and the lighthouse painting for my friend in the UK. she'll love it. its a belated birthday gift.

I realize I have been absent mostly. I assure you I'm ok. just been working between 45-60hrs a week sometimes. I sometimes get little sleep. also I educate people on my sea creature friends. just very little me time. I need my Vitamin Sea soon too... and no thanksgiving either. gotta work them Holidays.

I think it's done for now. An impossible dream.

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