So despite being in 3 areas with the plague in it, I still work. no quarantine for me. The sad part is they are cutting hours for me. thinking of opening a few commissions and seeing if anyone will buy art.
am also willing to make prints and sell prints of paintings I have made.

you know, one thing I love. When I work with another artist friend who can help improve a drawing I did. and we collab to to turn it into a tattoo.

it's funny cause I keep having the same kind of dream that always tells me to be on guard, and not everything is as it seems. that good things are coming, but who knows with this. And yet a lot of people I meet in rl, turn out to not be who they seem.

I created a new cosplay in lieu of that previous one, but now the show I'm going to use it at is likely cancelled due to plague. sad times. But I am still working on multiple drawings. got some paintings planned too. it's hard to keep up and active here since the app is now gone for some reason.

So that cosplay I did neck in January, I was to wear it in a few months to a show. That guy I was cosplaying of, backstabbed me. So I'm working on something entirely new.

This is my friend I'm doing the cosplay of. And he asked me to gender bend him, and wear purple. But as the female version, I get to decide on the earrings, makeup, and hairstyle. Oh and shoes.
I added fishnets cause he used to wear them for a gimmick.

From head to toe. I look amazing in purple and black and white.

My current cosplay is coming along nicely. I'm so proud of it.

Working on a painting fan art for a friend. He's a rapper and he wrestled once! The background is purple. I'm gonna finish this up likely tomorrow. If I have the drive.

Redrew this screen grab from The Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy with my ocs bc it fit too well and made me laugh too hard

Working 9 days in a row. Today will be day 7. And I have a tattoo now too.

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