@DimeSpin is that an axe-weilding asexual lesbian?? Protecting her transgender lesbian gf??? Omg that’s adorable

@sheepiidemigirl She's the colors of the labrys lesbian flag, an older flag that people don't use so much anymore but I like it because of the battle axe (labrys)! But yeah!

@DimeSpin O thank you!! I didn’t know that!! Either way I lov them!!! I am imagining one is still protecting the other with the axe tho

@DimeSpin wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow thank you for making these babies..
i love the battle-axe as well so !! , severely underutilized iconography

@vivaizix Thank you! I agree, I'd love if more lesbians claim the labrys, it's such a cool symbol

I feel like it can only be up to trans lesbians to reclaim it for now, and I hope they can and do because it'd be cool if it didn't have such a bad history

@Corax I'm cis, but I do think it can only be reclaimed with trans inclusion, which is why I gave the pink flag fox a trans flag heart earring. I wanted any trans lesbians that see this and might've been apprehensive at the sight of lesbian symbolism (all of it's been tarnished by the worst people) to know this art is for lesbians and lesbians means them.

@maenad That's a labrys, it's one of the older symbols for lesbians

@DimeSpin (I don't have the money for a commission right now, but it would be awesome if you could do a bi pride one at some point, I know someone who would *love* to see it)

@Canageek I actually started with this image that includes a bunch of flags, including the bi one, but I'd forgotten to repost it on masto!

@t54r4n1 That's the lesbian flag =D (it's an older one that isn't used as often these days, but I like it! The axe is a labrys, which is associated with the amazons which is how it became a lesbian symbol)

@DimeSpin whoa holy shit HOLY SHIT. O_O 🙇 🙇 🙇 🙇 🙇 🙇 thanku

transphobia mention Show more

transphobia mention Show more

@DimeSpin @Canageek OMG, just look at the ace one! So fluffy and annoyed!!!


@DimeSpin @eloisa that's the one that's waiting to axe someone a question right?

@Canageek @eloisa the axe is a labrys, it's a lesbian symbol - the ace fox is above her =)

@eloisa @DimeSpin okay just for the record I think the lesbians get the most badass symbol of any queer group unless someone's symbol is I know a broadsword or something.

@DimeSpin @Canageek are there stickers of these? Because that would be incredible.

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