Hearth vs Grammar

Hearth thinks of himself as a singular (and male) unit with each sub-division being merely a body-part, even though they appear as separate bodies, which makes grammar an interesting adventure.

Imagine he’s talking about scraping his knee rather than the little man and the grammar should click

Also yes this means when the little woman is speaking as his voice, you’d still say “he said”

You encounter something in a parking lot one night.

Youtube video: [scary creature] tends to target those who take an interest in them

Me: How murdered would I be if turned them into a worldbuilding thing then

People on tumblr rediscovered my pride foxes so I drew the lesbians again

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I experience something similar in music. It’s great when inspiration just flows but that doesn’t always happen. Theory fills in the gaps nicely and helps to spur the next inspired bit.

Art thought of the day: the real reason to learn how to draw guidelines and structure is not because you always need to do it, but because there's gonna be days when your little art driver leaks out your ears and you need to know how to drive or your gonna hit a tree

Someone on tumblr asked about Saratoans swimming and if their pouches cause drag. I made a comic about a little sub adult who is very serious about swimming and wears a swimsuit to fix that issue.

Tip: if you use photoshop's symmetry tool to draw something and want to add a little extra something, go back over the drawing and un-symmetry a few things

In Kevin related news: I got him an accent that looked to me like prosthetics so I decided he has a limb difference.

Free worldbuilding idea: whatever your idea was but your sapient species has a symbiotic relationship with a pitcher plant like that one that shrews shit into

I named a Flight Rising dragon Kevin and then I drew him because why not.

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Sometimes, a post-it note colored pomeranian is necessary.

I've been teaching myself how to animate with photoshop timeline lately - I knew my way around frame by frame but timeline allows for sound and I wanted to give lip syncing a try

It's frustrating but seeing it come together when I hit play is fun

Little animation of my flight rising dragon Ash


I recently went to the hospital to get a cat scan of my foot (turns out it's not broken! It remains sprained though) and while I was there I bought myself a friend.

Same hat!

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