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Playing with the design of Peter's wings for symbolism reasons

Based on a drawing from 2015 that I've always liked but was dreadfully out of date (click if you wanna see more than a neck haha)

Someone on twitter posted a challenge: Fursona on hardmode: only use animals native to the areas you trace your heritage from. My answer to that was to combine a giraffe and fjord horse!

Hearth vs Grammar

Hearth thinks of himself as a singular (and male) unit with each sub-division being merely a body-part, even though they appear as separate bodies, which makes grammar an interesting adventure.

Imagine he’s talking about scraping his knee rather than the little man and the grammar should click

Also yes this means when the little woman is speaking as his voice, you’d still say “he said”

You encounter something in a parking lot one night.

Youtube video: [scary creature] tends to target those who take an interest in them

Me: How murdered would I be if turned them into a worldbuilding thing then

People on tumblr rediscovered my pride foxes so I drew the lesbians again

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chronic pain science (link) +thoughts Show more

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I experience something similar in music. It’s great when inspiration just flows but that doesn’t always happen. Theory fills in the gaps nicely and helps to spur the next inspired bit.

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