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Hi, ich bin . Ich komme aus Norddeutschland, mache ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). Das ist Kunst im Sammelkartenformat 2,5 " x 3,5 " (Zoll), die untereinander (kostenlos) getauscht wird.

Möchtest du Kunst mit mir tauschen? Schreib mir gerne eine PN.

Hi, I'm . I'm from Northern Germany. I create ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). This is artwork on 2,5 " x 3,5 ", traded among artists for free

Wanna trade art? Write me a message ^^

Photo of the fabric of the armchair-cover, scribbled with Sketches, edited in Snapseed (both on Android)

I bought new pens and now I feel totally incompetent. luckily, it seems to be a problem with the new paper also. I thought, very smooth paper would work well for me, but somehow it doesn't. what sorcery is this!

Last days of silence were due to a family visit in . We had two beautiful days climbing the and exploring around the greener parts of the city.

First draft

this took far longer than a it is the longest i've ever worked on a mountain, 2 days and i'm not actually done yet. I just need a mountain to post today.

I just can‘t help myself. I have to photograph everything that catches my eye as I walk the streets.

Austin Kleon once wrote that an artist does just that - pay a little extra attention to the normal, everyday environment. He teaches us to pay more attention to our environment.

Hope this is inspiring you to pay some extra attention for the small things today :)

Das ist Molly, Sohn von Nikita. Bevor der mit uns gassi ging war er noch sauber. Jetzt verstehe ich auch, warum der draussen schläft. Er hat das Schlammloch-Gen von Mutti. Und ist sehr happy. 🤣

Hier ein Auszug einer Mail, die ich neulich bekam.

Meldet euch an, es lohnt sich wirklich!

Aufruf für den SPRING OUT 2022.
Wundervolle Trainer aus London werden [...] zu uns kommen. Seid dabei und laßt Hannovers LindySzene aufblühen!

[...]wir kämpfen für den Fortbestand der Hannoverschen WorkShop-Szene, die durch die lange Zeit Corona sehr gelitten hat[...] wir brauchen erstmals noch händeringend Teilnehmer!

You are, at best, temporarily able-bodied.

Build the society that will help you survive when your body is no longer able.

It's the same as always: add pressure (internal or external) and I'm out.

A little over two weeks ago, I started learning to draw. The day I put myself under pressure (two days ago), I lost interest.

It feels like a cat under the bed: which I can now try to catch either by force or coaxing and giving snacks to get her out from under the bed. Or I wait and one day it will show itself again.

In the meantime, I have to devote myself to other things.

And so the journey continues...

Erste Zeichnung aus dem Urlaub auf Zypern. Sketch auf Papier und mit Fein Liner. Eingescannt. Auf dem iPad mit Procreate und Watercolor Pinsel gefärbt.

First drawing from my holiday in Cyprus. Sketch on paper and with fine liner. Scanned in. Coloured on the iPad with Procreate and Watercolor brush.

Mein Jüngster lernt gerade lesen und schreiben und hat Probleme „d“ und „b“ auseinanderzuhalten. Also dachte ich, dass ihm vielleicht eine kleine Eselsbrücke helfen könnte 🤓 Das Bild hängt an unserer Badezimmertür

My youngest is just learning to read and write and is having trouble telling "d" and "b" apart. So I thought that maybe a little mnemonic could help him 🤓 The picture hangs on our bathroom door

@wattlebird In addition to the smallest dev environment that you've posted recently:

Here's a very cool and easy way to make websites just with markdown while including one line of javascript:

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