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Time for an yeehaw~

Hey hello I'm Delta and I draw MONSTERS and ALIENS and WEIRD WIGGLY THINGS!

I used to want to make art as a living, but I think I'm happier working as a locksmith and drawing monsters in my spare time. A lot less stressful, you see.

As for Me Myself, I like space, the colour pink, insects, and horror movies, among other things. Nice to meet all y'all, I'm looking forward to posting more here!

Thinking about post-Mordremoth sylvari Sylvanas. Taking the other un-turned sylvari (coughsForsakens) under her wing to find purpose together and protect each other from the soldiers that are still hunting them as mordrems bc they wouldn’t know any better.

I was thinking about doing some landscape speedpaints based on my fav wow classic zones and then i wasted 30 minutes trying to fix lighting on this one (Inspired by Darkshore, im leveling an ally for the first time and its dope)
Please critique me because drawing is hard

Have a blobby friend!
Planning on practicing watercolour painting with it.

Hmmm Hmmmmm I'm gonna do some painting tonight methinks~!

Never forget that a simple, friendly comment/reply can make someones day.

Thinking of doing a series of tiny cosmic horrors in jars when I'm done with the shrimp dragon.

Can’t articulate your emotions right now? Easy, just point to the cat. Which cat are you today?

Please forgive the image quality; I've decided I want to make some good old fashioned monster paintings! This one started out different, but I like where it's going. Some kind of shrimp dragon monster guy.

It'll be watercolour painted! I'm very excited to start~

Hey there! Here's my ~

I go by a variety of names, Nairo-ryu, Crona, or Jun, depending on where you know me from. I am a fantasy artist that enjoys painting and sketching dragons, monsters, and environments.

I'd really like to make a living off of art, but I have a way to go still! Hoping to build connections and improve myself : )

Hello Mastodon, it's time for an !

My name is Glacier and I digitally paint dragons and fantasy landscapes and the occasional weird oddity!

Drawing is my greatest passion; I'm self-taught and currently striving to improve in every way I can. I want to be the best I can possibly be, and perhaps even one day turn what I love into a living! But for now I simply hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and I'm looking forward to becoming part of this wonderful community C:

Is it possible to get burnt out from digital drawing? Every time I fire up photoshop or krita to draw I get so exhausted.

Here's a WIP of an illustration of my webcomic characters... Darla just wants you to eat something, man!

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