That's fantastic work! BTW is there a way to set a hotkey for eraser or any preset brushes in Krita?

@Delta67 Thanks! Yes, activate the 'Ten Brushes' plugin in Configure Krita > Python Plugin Manager ; then you'll find a new panel (after a restart of Krita) under Tool > Script > Ten Brushes . You'll be able to assign a custom shortcut to 10 presets. The shortcuts can be changed in configuration. If you press twice a shortcut, it toggles. It works really well with Erasers.

Ohhhh thank you so much for the help. I'm having difficulty finding the plugin right now since Arch Linux puts all the plugins in /usr/share and renamed the desktop files. But after I copied all of them to the resource folder and changed the names it seems Krita still cannot recognize them. The plugin list is empty.


But it's weird that I can see Ten Brushes in Keyboard Shortcuts settings, tho I can set their shortcut but not which preset they are associated with. And Tools -> Scripts is also empty.

@Delta67 Yes, you'll need to use the appimage version certainly; that's the only one version the Krita team support for Linux users (from a recent blog post). With the appimage, you'll have all libs patched and at the right version to reduce the amount of bugs.

Ah just switched to appimage version. It's working right now. Thanks again for the help.😊

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