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I hate my job, hahahahhhhh 😭 accounting is a real bitch

No free time, no benefits, everyone pretends they don’t even know what I do here, and I’m under appreciated. I just wanna do art..

I’m so burned out across the map, idk what to do with myself anymore. I need a long nap.

@andrawatkins this is weird to say, but I’m glad someone can relate 😭

@DearMsDear Boooo, I'm sorry :< You're one of the best people at that place.

@Priello omg friend, you found me!

It’s changed since you’ve been there, a complete 180. It’s been bad a long time but now it’s worse. I’m actively looking to get out ASAP now 😩

@DearMsDear UGH I hate that it's gotten worse. Really glad I left when I did. Even then, I was dealing with a ton of low level BS, can't imagine what you're having to deal with. I hope you find something better soon!

@DearMsDear I'm not a CPA, but my Dad was.

I am, however, very burnt out. I can totally empathize. Hopefully you find a way out soon.


@DearMsDear Blurgh. :blobpats:

*sends warm beverage, pillow, and comforter*

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