Hello! My name is Torri, and I'm a Black Illustrator, I'm also a Cleanup Artist for Studio Yotta. I dabble in character design, comics, and animation. I work full time as an accountant right now! I also do art for Youtubers, most notably CowChop and UberHaxorNova :yoitsburdhere:
I like coloring and painting, I also like to talk and help out with art!

Here's my portfolio:

@DearMsDear Hey there! Awesome talent! Very nice work. Welcome!

@DearMsDear Just found out i already follow you here ;) Doubly welcome! :D

@DearMsDear I just love how dynamic and colourful your characters are! <3

@DearMsDear I do quite fancy your work. Very appealing! Thanks for sharing it here.

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