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Hello! My name is Torri, and I'm a Black Illustrator, I'm also a Cleanup Artist for Studio Yotta. I dabble in character design, comics, and animation. I work full time as an accountant right now! I also do art for Youtubers, most notably CowChop and UberHaxorNova :yoitsburdhere:
I like coloring and painting, I also like to talk and help out with art!

Here's my portfolio:

Hello friends! Here's the latest doodle now that contract work is all done for now :> Also net seems kinda stable, too 😜

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(i have no clue what to tag this as;;;;)
Moving Money Tracker!
:My commission Info:

🔻My youcaring, which has more info about my situation

♻️ are greatly appreciated!
here's to a hopeful 2018!

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EH ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Show more

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Sometimes kitty is so precious, then other times she’s just..

Well I guess next year is my year since the pantone color is my favorite of all time. Purple 💜

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Stepping up my packaging game for Mahouto Market this weekend~

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Time to give my characters some love... This is Adela, a character from a I have been working on for some time, now.

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Remember, as ridiculous as is being, remember that terminating your patronage is going to hurt the creators you care about WAY more than it hurts Patreon. Please, please wait a little bit for the dust to settle and for creators to decide where they'd rather be supported!

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Hello, Mastodon!

I am Lisa Pelayre, a Seattle based Freelance Illustrator. I work both digitally and traditionally (Markers and Ink mostly), but I'm always pushing myself to learn new things. In the past, I've worked as an Animator, Comic Artist, Pixel Artist, and Graphic Designer for various different game companies all around the area.

Portfolio -
Twitter -
Instagram -
Tumblr -

Online Shop -

I hate my job, hahahahhhhh 😭 accounting is a real bitch

No free time, no benefits, everyone pretends they don’t even know what I do here, and I’m under appreciated. I just wanna do art..

I’m so burned out across the map, idk what to do with myself anymore. I need a long nap.

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