Since there was soo little fanart for this series I wanted to make some for it because it's one of my favorites anime from the 2000s. I loved how the series wasn't afraid to be dark but didn't became fully silly in it like a lot of more modern series.

Took me a couple of weeks to fill this whole thing. But I feel it did it's job, mostly with legs since I've notice that I tend to use the same leg poses when not making my comic so I wanted to change that.

This was a little tricky thing. Honestly I ended up liking the process more than I had imagined. It's based for the country of Brygga from my fantasy setting and has some emblematic elements from the country.

That coffee fog was rather tricky to do in Blender's Eevee engine. Took more time that I had planned, hopefully I'll get to work in a interesting illustrations that I have in mind for a contest.

I'm really proud of this one, it looks really cool and I really felt like I've learned a lot for digital painting. A couple of things I do feel I need to study to get better at is how to do single hairs or small pachtes of hairs like eyebrows and eyelashes, it may look ok now but I feel I could make them look quite better and more cohesive to the whole piece.

Getting the handle of how to draw legs. I feel like I might get better poses thanks to this. Also those anatomy drawings for the bones and muscles are for homework I just added it to my already big practice file. When this one is completed I'll make another one with the things that I could not complete (Torsos, faces, etc).

Homework I did for the illustration. I tried to go for a The Walking Dead style of inking but I had to rush it in the end since I was behind in homework.

Quite a bit of time since I've done an actual full illustration with Shin, I've done some drawings of him but no actual full illustrations.

This one was for homework, I started using photoshop in class... quite a pain in the arse that program as soon as I could I changed to CSP

I really hoped I could have finished this one today but I got sick and feel like crap DX

Owner of the Dragon's Tail bar on the East of Vormund. The daughter of an ex-mobster and a simple bartender. She is protected by several bodyguards, a favors from the crime family for the years of service her mother worked for them.

Detective Kurst

The senior inspector of the canine search unit.They are a unit made of canine werefolk that are used for search and rescue and to hunt criminals, sometimes they are called to inspect crime scene to use their specialized senses to thoroughly search it.

Arms are done! Now to Legs, then torsos, heads and lastly in depth muscle groups

Lorenz Holst Police Officer of the Deparment of Vormund and one of the friends of Liane Gott.

Still going at this studies. Arms so far seem the easiest ones but I still want to later move into the skeleton and muscle groups to have a more concrete knowloedge of it.

This year was a rather good one for improving my art, besides the tragedies that happened at the start of the year and all the pain that they brought to my family, many other things happened that brightened my year.

I do hope that next year is more free from saddness tho.


Like I said I would start making some feet studies. I find them rather easier than last time.

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