Here is the prog on tha bat btw!

This is the practice run where I am making/perfecting the idea + pattern before I use some nice fabric on it

First pic is the just the head w ideas for a face

Second is head + ears and body, both of which I think need to be adjusted in size. Ears BIGGER. Body slightly smaller.

And finally, the actual pattern I devised for the head itself. The nose is made by gathering a chunk of the head after you stuff it

Been slow to work on this cuz I've been nervous about my new job :')) but I finished working out the pattern for the wings!

I based it off a capelet design I saw on etsy and it is functionally exactly that: a little cape that will act as the wings!

Here you can see my idea for the pattern, I ended up going with the pointy version cuz it felt more batty

Then the capelet laid flat. There's lots of small things that need fixed, but that's why we practice first!

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I also modeled it on my cat, because I wanted to check if it would drape how I had planned and the dogs are too big to put it on

(i think they would enjoy the experience more)

But! He seemed chill about it. He mostly just wanted to be pet lol

Too bad cats can't wear clothes all the time because it was very very cute ; u;

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Forgot to keep making BAT UPDATES lol

So I have the wings all finished!

And the head base is done, not sure if I'm sold on the color and the fabric doesn't stretch the same as the cotton I used for practice so it's a slightly different shape. Not bad tho, just different

I've made a next ruffle and little feet that tap!

Next I'm going to make up the final body. I'm just using the practice body as a base and I'll just wiggle the final over like some pants lol

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I got the head all attached and I don't even know why I went ahead and did that because I'm probably going to have to take it right back off to attach ears and eyes lol

Why did I do that

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Well I'm making the giant clown pants for this thing and this fabric is soooooo bright holy cow

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The more stressed I get the more ridiculous I'm making this bat

Is it too much? Yes but one could argue that its also not enough. Not by a long shot.

I've crafted some decorative hems to finish my bats honking large pants.

You can also see my selection of buttons that'll get sewn on tomorrow. I went with clear glass so that it definitely glitters and sparkles but doesn't add too many more wacky colors to weird out my already crazy palette


The pants are done.

It's a fashion disaster.

This is what I wanted.

And I'm pretty friggin pleased it sits up on its own still!

Now it just needs a face and ears, and I have no idea what I'm gonna do for either lmao

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Drop everything and help me decide what face to paint on my bat mastodon!

I've numbered them for you!


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@DaffyDaydreamer please tell me this bat will wear a powdered wig and have a beauty mark patch and a teensy snuff box.

@metagrrrl I don't know if I have the raw all powerful god energy it takes to create and maintain a powdered wig !

@DaffyDaydreamer 1, 6, or 19! I can't decide 😩 they're all cute!

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