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Aaaaah oooo I forgot to post this lol

Ive been having a small obsession with angels lately

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When my little sister tells me she wants to be a punk grunge goth

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🐍 Forest and jungle, or, Thrilling adventures in all quarters of the globe
Chicago ;The Werner Company, 1896.

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Got a sudden urge last night to needlefelt something and I always try to indulge those little urges because why not

So I've got a base done now!

So now you can tell me.... WHO'S THAT POKEMON?

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don't know how to draw pokemon so I decided not to care, anyway here's low effort turtwig

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Latinx queer shop! They have beautiful statement jewelry

VIBRA FEMENINAMama / Loca / SELA by VibraFemenina on Etsy

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Got to make some ads for the HardWire Island game :D It's just for background of another illustration, but I had fun with these

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mushroom art 2018-2019
if you like this kind of art, consider supporting me by buying me a coffee for only $3:

This thing involves alot of wires and things to construct. It's been pretty fun working on it because it's not really made in the way I typically think of stuffed toys being made

I find myself thinking of it as a "broken" pattern because many of the pieces don't actually connect and are just attached to the wires or some seams are sewn inside out, etc. And in the end these ugly bits will just be covered in many bunches of scales.

I'm learning a lot!

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Welp anyway. Let me show yous guys my big friggin dragon. Here I have pictures of the pattern pieces (there's so many), the body- stuffed and unstuffed, and one of his little feet!

It's so huge and just absolutely a pain in the butt to work on haha

The instructions took like 15 pages to print!

I'm working on the hind legs tonight

I'll never probably livetoot the naruto finale im sorry sincerely

I still didn't finish naruto either. I have like 3 episodes left and I stopped watching and it's been months at this point and maybe I'll never finish it

It's been quite a while since I've been here.....i gotta update you guys on my big giant Dragon

I'm gonna make this big fuckin dragon. Currently working in enlarging the pattern, which is Very.

*Shaping my eyebrows for the first time*


*[Answering the US Census survey man at the door while I'm heavily made up in a goth e-girl look]*

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