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Daffyyy @DaffyDaydreamer@mastodon.art

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ooo hes finished B)) admire

for commission info DM or email me at kikikieara@gmail.com <3


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Hello its me again, with finished art this time! take a moment to appreciate this................because ill probably never finish another thing for at least 500 years give or take.


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its been some time since i started workin on this but i finally finished him!
(trying this upload again)


i got another cat and her name is Queen Dinky

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Hello!!! Komiket is in a week but now I FINALLY got time to draw!! Here's a drawing of a mangkukulam adopting a Dayamdam!!!

It's for a tag on twitter about witches adopting familiars/kids and I'm all about that cute family type of thing!!!

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I have to truly admit I enjoy this styling it always makes me smile.

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honestly i cant believe i ate three whole oranges in a row today and my body still has the nerve to begin getting sick? the audacity. i start running a fever after all that? absolute malarkey

thoughts on eating 3 oranges in a row

pros: so many oranges. delicious. juicey

cons: absolutely none.

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*trumpets blaring*

Happy Birthday @lylaha !!!!! c:

Here is your sweet Rosolite <3 She was wonderful to draw and i hope you like it ;;;; u;;;;


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whyyy am i so tiredd...i didnt even do anything today

mm i wanna get back into sewing.

i had so many projects lined up that i never finished u-u gotta make my pillow dragon for real

every time i go to the post office it just flings me into a panic attack at warp speed >n< i never leave there not freakin tf out no matter how nice and patient the employees are (they are literally always the nicest and most patient)

AH! ive been stricken by an inspiration

what a wonderous feeling

i drew some cats for but its sunday now so u-u

BUT here, the saturday cats. On a Sunday <3


i started having decaf coffee lately and what do you know its socrazy but now i am so tired all the time who woulda thought

(not me. i didnt think. but im not goin back to caffeine i dont wanna be addicted anymore)