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Aaaaah oooo I forgot to post this lol

Ive been having a small obsession with angels lately

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*Shaping my eyebrows for the first time*


*[Answering the US Census survey man at the door while I'm heavily made up in a goth e-girl look]*

Which is UNFORTUNATE because I was hoping to add it to my arsenal of amazing skills.

I'm still gonna do that but it's just going to suck now!

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Ok after 3 days of embroidery I've determined something: this sucks and is not fun for me

Ok the only bad part of embroidery is that it just takes forever

Am trying embroidery for the first time

It's hard :'T

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I should do what I said i was gonna do months ago and make my own website for my art....but still it daunts me

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Soon I'll be living in the lap of luxury, specifically in regards to pillows

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I glad that as a child I took up sewing as a skill because that means that now, at age 26, I can sew for myself a giant pile of fancy delightful pillows so I can sleep on them like a princess

Guiltily realizing just now thar Tenzo has been absent from the Naruto series for quite a while now and I just didn't notice. Did he die?????

I decide to spend the day making some fancy pillows for my bed only to realize now, just now, in the dead of night right before bed that I don't have any stuffing to stuff them with

Now I finally understand why sasuke hates him

Naruto trying to fight the most powerful being that's ever existed on the earth: WOW.....not even my sexy jutsu works?!

Wheel bugs in my garden!! THEY'RE SO SCARY LOOKING but also maybe the coolest bugs ever

Forgot to make a cup of coffee this morning and now I feel as tho my body is dying and I feel like I should make a coffee to save myself but idk if I'm ready to commit to a 7pm coffee....

Just seen someone in my town wearing one of the masks I made months ago

I feel so cool now 7w7

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