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OK, what are people reading recently? I just started reading on Web Toon, but also got a bunch of books recently too. Let's talk about what we're reading!

I LOVE the new Sonic The Hedgehog IDW series. I just got the first two trades. They look as good as Sonic comics ever have. Very pleased!

I also just started Animosity, which is like a sentient animal apocalypse and it seems great. (

Also read volume 1 of Space Boy, and like that a lot too.

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Timelapse for the "Balloon Rider" animation I uploaded last week. I made this a good while back, before I had learned not to jump around so much, so, sorry about that 😬

It's making me want to start collecting cute stamps :')))) I need help

I'm writing letters to some of my long distance friends and honestly this is so fulfilling! And exciting!

Mail is fun!!!

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This is how I do hands really fast. I hope it makes sense. I usually start with the "square palm with stick fingers" then go into defining the 'L' (forefinger and thumb).

The 'L' is the best way to go but they're only hands so you can draw them like youd start drawing anything else. No sweat, friends!

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I feel like I am suddenly seeing of people talk about risograph printers/selling artwork and zines made with them and it's all seeming like they're some sort of special magical thing....

can anyone tell me about these mystic printers and why are they special enough for people to namedrop them when promoting their work?

Just finished reading The Last Unicorn

That shit was.....sad :(

It's raining at the part of the movie that she's on and it started raining outside irl and I'm fairly sure she's convinced it's happening because of the movie and tbh I'm a little mystified myself

My little sister started watching Spirited Away and it was really interesting to watch her go from distracted and bored/looking on her phone to having her attention jerked to the movie more and more until finally she was totally captivated by the time it reached the scene in the boiler room. That's exactly how it went for me so many years ago when I randomly saw this movie on toonami one late night and just ended up watching because there was nothing else xD

I feel so bad I never have any art to show off but it's my own fault for never drawing things so 😭😭😭

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Might have gone a bit overboard with filters... or maybe not enough 👀

Appeared first on my Patreon:

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This is old, from 2013, but I still like it :D
It's the second 3D render I ever made, during my first internship and the Animation Company I'd later work at.
I did everything about it. I only had MentalRay and Mayas default fur engine at the time.


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