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Idea for later: make plushes based off people's 5 minute Pokemon renders (with their permission ofc)

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I finished a new large #watercolour #drawing. It's again a very detailed one, and it took many, many hours.
It is mainly based on a picture I took at the Gion Matsuri in #Kyoto some years ago of musicians in a festival float, but I gave them all kitsune masks. I will write a blog post about it with more details.
I used Derwent Inktense, Conté Aquarelle and Faber-Castell Graphite Aquarelle pencils. The paper is Fabriano Artistico 56cmx76cm 300g/m2 rough watercolour paper.
#art #fediart

Here is the prog on tha bat btw!

This is the practice run where I am making/perfecting the idea + pattern before I use some nice fabric on it

First pic is the just the head w ideas for a face

Second is head + ears and body, both of which I think need to be adjusted in size. Ears BIGGER. Body slightly smaller.

And finally, the actual pattern I devised for the head itself. The nose is made by gathering a chunk of the head after you stuff it

Tonight I figure out how to make little doll shoes for my bat plush huhuhu

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👁✋In the Clutches of Anxiety🤚👁
‘This goes to all the thoughts that paralyze me,
because against all odds, I keep on shining’

(I imagined this while I was sick, so the blame for this weirdness goes to the flu😅✨)

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Oh yes, I forgot I can finally show off the super rad bulbasaur I made back in December B)

I added a lot of those little beanbag plastic pellets so he turned out very hefty and felt like carrying a baby or a fat puppy :') <3

This one was a gift for @doodlemunster

I plan to make a few more for funsies (and myself)

Shame on me for not taking nicer pictures considering I had it living on my bed for over a month

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this is interesting, I was looking for some way to project images easily onto paper and saw this. I got a pane of glass from a picture frame yesterday and just held my phone with it at an angle against my sketchbook. You then look through the reflection in the glass and can essentially trace from your phone onto paper. Pretty cool, might be really useful for getting quick pose references etc.

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Hi guys!I'm Phanta and drawing some things in here~🤩 🤩 🤩
Welcome to make friends!
(*My English is not good,sorry🤪
#MastoArt #introduction

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I wish I could live in the Pokemon world and just be a Bug Catcher. I just wanna run around in the woods with my straw hat and my bug net.

Another painting done with crayola watercolors. I tried out colored pencil for the lineart and I think it worked out perfectly!

I'm considering making this available as a print, so if you'd be interested in that leave a like/comment/retweetblog or
whatever to let me know!

Somebody stop me from buying tons of old buttons off eBay and etsy mmmm.......

I dont need more buttons rn.

But I want more buttons. I want lots more.

Too bad these concept art sketches are on the back of a paper I drew all over with sharpie so you can't comprehend it when i take a picture because all the sharpie confuses my scribbles

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My bat design is really coming together I cannot wait to show the world

Both of those boys are nearly dearly to my heart ofc but I don't wanna have them in my mind as I'm designing because I want a cute bat not an uglycute bat

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The danger with trying to make a bat design is that it might end up looking too much like Bartok Bat or Batty Fergully

Hate those times when you suddenly feel super unsatisfied with your work ; o;

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Today, a about and its , and a boy :D

The animals in this piece are: , , , , , and : D

I've always loved Australian animals cuz they are so strange and magical :D The roos with their pouches are forever amazing to me * ___ * But these days, I sometimes see them and they can be quite intimidating XD;;;; They are tall and their legs look real powerful!

Still, they are super awesome <3 I love animals :D!

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