Me and my roommate decided to watch Veronica Mars for the first time and made OCs

This is Kiki and she a bad biiiiitch

Tried to do an early 2000’s style, and personally love how it turned out

y'all are so inspiring it's made me wanna draw a lot today 😤 !!!

Still getting used to this but I already love the platform!

Will be posting an introduction soon~

Another monster girl

Because I shouldn't be given so much power.

Another lovely demon/monstergirl- who mostly just wants to feed you~

Demon/monster girl after both your heart and your money. I have an eternal weakness for monstergirls💕

Another Tabletop game characters- the lovely Asura Matsu of the Lion Clan~!

Legend of the Five Rings character!

My friend's FFXIV character! Cute lil' bun waifu that was actually soooo much fun to do~

One of my [many] D&D characters- Y'Velda Guccy! Half-orc rogue with a heart of gold!


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