I had a wonderfully stupid idea that I had to sketch it. It involves Alastor wearing a medical mask because he's sad or having a bad day and he can't let anyone know about it.

I've grown attached to this guy so I wanted to draw a ref picture of him ^_^
This is Vindictus, A hazbin Hotel OC of mine
He's a club owner that is more centrally focused on providing entertainment.
He's not big on doing gruff work and prefers pulling the strings from the shadow. And he'll ALWAYS get what he wants. He also summons shadow arms at will c:

I was doing some random searches and among those searches I found a random Ambipom image and while inspired from the recent Hazbin Hotel ep, I made this Evil looking Ambipom <3

Commission icon of Hex Maniac for my friend c:
I love how it turned out (all of the crazy~)

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last one! finally caught up with my stuff :)

My collab with a friend, we used the same 4 color palette + a mystery color and our prompt was hydrangeas! We exchanged thumbnails so this is one of her "star babies" species sort of characters but i stylized it more to my own style.

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Art trade with the lovely and talented lyra0730 on Twitter! Her #ffxiv character is a bright and stylish lass.
#art #mastoart

I wanted to experiment with coloring while having some fun and I just absolutely loved on how it turned out ^_^
I might re-use these character designs in the future, who knows :3

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19 Inktober | Maleficent-sona
We're sitting at a café waiting for it to be time to go watch the new Maleficent 👀

Artists (especially ones that post on social media) how are you able to post on social media (especially consistently).
I feel there seems to be something wrong with me when I can't meet up to that standard or something .
I just have a stupid feeling of worrying about everything so the stuff that I would love to post just sits on the shelves and folders and I just end up posting all of my polished work instead...

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