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Hi, I'm a digital artist with a knack for eye straining colors and weird furries. I mostly post on my DA but I also enjoy mastodon quite a bit :]

I'll be posting new & old art as the days go by as to not spam, here's a bit of my recent work!

Everything wrong with Discord in 5000 words or less.

Please boost. Please move off Discord. Please take your friends with you.

I can make edits upon request.

I hate the tendency people have in romantic relationships especially to want to meld together with me. I like being my own person! Also I hate myself and if you start acting like me I will resent you.

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I think I want to be loved but as soon as someone gets around to loving me I want no part in it.

oh sure I make a new character and can spit out a ref as quick as that but when I want to sit down and actually renew a ref for one of my older characters then its "head empty"

Very proud to have Kingdom Ka be a part of's already immensely successful Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, alongside so many indie-greats.

Telia is one of Lamya's projects. After losing a significant portion of her lower legs in battle, Lamya outfitted her with cybernetic prosthetics. Afterwards, Telia requested Lamya to keep modifying her body in hopes she can become the fastest thing alive.

Her lust for speed can also be seen in her preferred weaponry: light machine guns.

commission drawing for kazzcoyote of instagram, in which a visitor from another place makes a good impression

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