My Great Pyrenees protecting the farm animals. Say hi to Footloose(L) & Roxy(R).


These photos with Samyang 50mm F1.2. I think this was at maximum aperture and 15 second exposure. It looks more like cotton candy than milky way after edit.

Just playing around with some photos to warm up


It's been making its laps around the Blendersphere, but if you haven't already seen it, you should fix that problem and watch the latest open movie from the Blender Animation Studio, Spring.

(attempt at) self portraits. featuring bug eyed left lady and tiny foreheads 😅 the one on the right looks alright tho!

I'm using my cat as an armrest and he seems to like it he's purring

If you are a woman, you may want to tag your art with the hashtag .

Does anyone else feel like having their own colourful sketchy portrait done? :bob_ross:


– $50 USD ($40 for inks only), payment accepted through Square Invoices
– 2500 x 2500 px High Res PNG file to make your own resizes
– A timelapse video of it being drawn in Procreate
– Drawn based on reference photos you provide

Email me at rheall [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested! :da_w00t:

#CommissionMe #Commissions #ArtCommissions #ArtistForHire #MastoArt

The results of today's stream, a few props for my game. It was a short stream today because for some reason I'm super yawny ;_;

This is Coffeecaat's Umur, a web developer dragon I painted for a Secret Santa exchange on Flight Rising. If you look at his glasses, you can see Umur is developing his own dragon bio.

Schoolism exercise 2 done!

This one was about greysketch colouring.

Base grayscale image by Bobby Chiu.

2018 has been a break from hectic previous years. No travel, quiet social media (have I really not posted a photograph in 2 months?)

Taught a full time class in using open sourced software (so many firsts right there), but mostly... much silence for revaluation after all the changes.

There is work to be done through, several large projects, several small ones.

Time to begin anew.

See you all on 2019. :)

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