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Saw some bird photographers gathered at a spot at Lorong Halus, Singapore, then spotted what they were shooting: a Chestnut-winged Cuckoo (Clamator coromandus). Spotted on 6 Feb 2019. Listed as an uncommon migrant in Singapore.

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I found a cool way to do painting in #GIMP. Notice the areas circled in red. Using an artist-like brush, setting Dynamics to "Random Color," and then having the foreground/background colors as two shades of the same color, you can get a professional looking painting effect. I made this in about 3 minutes with my mouse.

Here's the brush that was used:

#art #mastoart #foss #gimp #linux #howto

Hello, my name is Philipp and I'm a concept artist & illustrator.

I love science fiction, open source, Linux, and VR. I paint in , model/animate/render in , and design in VR with . My non-client work is by-sa. Lefty, vegan, life drawing lover. Occasionally nsfw art.


Hit me up if you have questions or requests! ❤️

Byte Driver is in open beta! If you're smart you'll wishlist it. If you're brave you'll play it right now! Boost if you're rad.

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CW: Animated GIF

Experimental sketch for WDG over on Patreon (! Get 5 day early access to artwork, first dibs on commissions and more! Had a lot of fun with this one~ I'm a sucker for nouveau stuff. :) Character belongs to !

heavy stones fear no weather

piperine when she was an active warrior witch!! witches never really need armor that LOOKS like armor, they can just put a protective spell on normal clothes, but piperine was a WARRIOR,

I decided to run just enough of the neck to fit in the big hoop and make a test bust.

SO MANY FRILL SCALLOPS TO CUT OUT (I haven't even *started* cutting out the right side of the head).

Neck is too skinny for the big frilly head, but otherwise I like the way it came out. We'll see how the head assembly works out. But not tonight.

I wanted to go easy with this one. 2018 - lots of time and consideration, 2019 - 5 min and loose brush

Today I revisited an old series of neon dino skull designs, the latest being my childhood favourite Parasaurolophus. I'm hoping to make some more designs and have a kickstarter to create some merch featuring them in the near future!

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