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One of my art goals this year is to improve on values and being more bold with colours. Another is to be able to create nearly realistic digital paintings, but that one is for the future 😀
Today I took some time to do a photostudy of this photo with some unusual colors. I stopped at this point, since I was nearing the frustration mark - good place to stop I figured :) I’ll try to do one or two more of these in the upcomming week
[CW for eye-contact]

Nude Art 

Bon ben "un jour" c'était aujourd'hui.


RT vivement appréciés :)

A few sketches based off scenes from my book, Clara and The Nutcracker

The wonderfully talented Synth_Luzia drew my namesake's striped hyena character at a monthly art meetup here in Nantes. I loved the line art so much I decided to color it in digitally. Really happy with how this came out! Would love to do more collaborations like this with other artists. Send me a message if you'd be interested!

Thanks for enjoying this piece! Your comments are appreciated.

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On a dismal and sunless dawn in early spring, the wizard paid a visit to the peasants' settlement in the north. At first they brushed it off, but soon they noticed that his nature had changed …


know what screw it geist aint sticking I'm going back to calling him ghost

It's not like people never share the same names as wanted criminals.


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