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Every day she added to the jar.

Just a thin layer of dirt at first. Then grass. A bit of moss. Seedlings. Sticks. A flower. She pooled water into a tiny hollowed out pond.

It was vibrant habitat in miniature, but it was just a project. A tiny forest tended by a careful hand. She liked to imagine some small creature moving in and making its home there.

She was surprised when she heard the first tentative, tiny trill from inside.

Another drawing from

A single tall building that in the original was surrounded by empty sky, but as a vaporwave style recreation!


5 min

"Do not underestimate the ferocity of the war hummingbirds, or their riders."

5 min each for the little ones. Didn't keep track well on the hummingbird rider. 2 or 2.5 hours?

Digital in Artrage

Block Effectiveness Question 


Good Evening. Sorry to be a doofus, but I need to know: if I've blocked an instance because I find its modus operandi and everyone in it to be insufferable, is it normal for me to continue seeing its posts in the TLs of others when they follow me?

This isn't a fediblock thing. I just plain don't like these folks and I don't want to see this instance's posts at all, but I still am. Thanks.

#fediblock, ablism, transphobia, racism, slurs 

#fediblock and for transphobia + racism, and they gladly interact with known bad actors (screenshots are admin).

This looked fun to draw and color, and I like the bold architecture, but the lineart took a lot longer than I hoped b/c I drew it too thick and needed to manually adjust it. 😩 It was still good practice with the line tool and watercoloring brushes!


"Sometimes I dance with them, but it's not the same."

5 minutes each for the little ones, 33 min for the big one.

Digital, in Artrage

Finally found some time to participate in a DTIYS!
Her name is Asherah, a character by @Art_Weeizard on Twitter <3

[EN] With everything that's going on, it can be hard to feel like art matters, but I'm certain it does:

[FR] Avec tout ce qui se passe en ce moment, il peut être difficile de croire que l'art compte pour quelque chose, mais j'en suis certaine:

I'm preparing a mini-project for a student class. The idea: show them how to make 1 shader which can be used to make all of the effects you see in the video (fire, smoke, trail, waterfall, ad sign, barrier, ...).
WIP Thread:
#gamedev #vfx #realtimefx

Are there any Netherlands-based artists here who can talk about doing commissions and how taxes work with that? Asking for someone who'll be watching the replies to this thread :) Thank you!

I want to get into but I could really use a bit of advice from anyone with experience doing them! Plz @ me or DM me with any advice you have :)


Repeating patterns, kaleidoscopic 

Some patterns I did on Amaziograph, was pretty fun.
You can color them if you want, check out my Kofi for the files!

I know repeating patterns can be bothersome to people, let me know if I need to add or change the content tags!

All material/PBR artists! material Maker 1.0 has just been released!


If you don't know, MM is an open-source PBR material authoring tool built with Godot game engine.

It lets you produce procedural seamless textures for games, as well as animated shader-based VFX elements that can be used in game engines. And more!

I'm using this professionally at work to author materials for games, rather than something like Substance Designer.

#MaterialMaker #Godot #3D #PBR

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