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I want to get into but I could really use a bit of advice from anyone with experience doing them! Plz @ me or DM me with any advice you have :)


Repeating patterns, kaleidoscopic 

Some patterns I did on Amaziograph, was pretty fun.
You can color them if you want, check out my Kofi for the files!

I know repeating patterns can be bothersome to people, let me know if I need to add or change the content tags!

All material/PBR artists! material Maker 1.0 has just been released!


If you don't know, MM is an open-source PBR material authoring tool built with Godot game engine.

It lets you produce procedural seamless textures for games, as well as animated shader-based VFX elements that can be used in game engines. And more!

I'm using this professionally at work to author materials for games, rather than something like Substance Designer.

#MaterialMaker #Godot #3D #PBR

I've also been made aware that media marked as sensitive (when you hit the 'mark media as sensitive' checkbox rather than using the content warning feature) doesn't mark the media as sensitive on all platforms, so yeah, ideally use the full CW :)

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Among the things we typically content warn for so as to provide a safe and comfortable space for our viewers around the fedi, are eye contact and AI-generated artwork, both of which can cause discomfort and anxiety of various levels for people.

If you're posting any kind of art with eye contact, or any kind of AI-generated art, *please* consider hiding it behind a content warning. for AI art specifically, use the hashtag so people can hide it if they want to.


🎄🎄Merry Christmas in July! 🎄🎄 Just for my Masto friends! 😁 Here’s a FREE little Twine Arch Angel #Crocheted Christmas Ornament pattern that I created! 😁😁 It’s been tested!! 😁 Don’t forget to pin and steam block them with a little starch at the end to make them stiff! 😁😁🎄🎄#Crochet #FiberArt #GayArtist #FreePattern #Christmas @fiberarts Hope you enjoy! 😁🎄🎄

Finally finished this... even though I just painted the colours I saw rather than the buildings, it still took quite a bit longer than I intended. But from a distance I think it looks OK.

Probably about 7 hours work.

Thanks to the latest in technology (i.e. 5) you can now see me struggle to decide what to put in the background in timelapse format
(contains some flashing and rapid movement)

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@JSPRDRAWS Just so we're clear - NSFW art must be tagged *and* placed behind a content warning, or with the media marked as sensitive, so the viewer has to click to see. Also needs a description as to why the media is NSFW so that people can make informed decisions on whether they want to click through. :)

Aaaaand here's another quick embroidery I whipped up last night. :needle:

Once again, there are things I wish I'd done differently, and things that didn't look as nice as I'd hoped, but it was fun to do nonetheless. :da_grin:

It's the "Hanging Plant" pattern from here:

#Embroidery #FibreArts #FiberArts #FiberArt #Needlework #Needlepoint #MastoArt

Fibre arts: spliced nettles 

I just started watching Sally Pointer's series on experimental archaeology with spliced nettle threads:

Since I have a lot of #FiberArt mutuals I thought I'd share this find. Fascinating look into what could have happened thousands of years ago!

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