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Oh hmm, a new dragon design but its smallest size is a little too big for the big snap trays (unless I edit out the wing on the right or something) and also I'm of very mixed feelings about "put a carnosaur head on it" dragons.

Here is my next free tutorial "Fusion for Production - VFX Compositing with Fusion":
02b Fusion Compositing inside DaVinci Resolve


It’s quite a long tutorial, but I believe that it gives you everything you have to know if your want to start comping with Fusion inside of DaVinci Resolve and helps you around the common pitfalls.

Just in time to finish this week's challenge. Wide ratio is kind of challenging for me, and the restrictive palette is no joke either, but I think I pulled through.

The category for was Combat Vehicle, so I chose a Tachikoma (タチコマ), from Ghost in the Shell!

(More info:

#art/#history bit of a quick one for a big-hearted genius. i hate drawing sunglasses, but i love stevie wonder. hope he’s having loads of nice vegan cakes to celebrate his 72nd year. thank you for your countless musical masterpieces, dear sir.
#music #musique #stevieWonder #mastoArt

First time doing but ended with (or even more?) on the last one, but I still love it!
I will def limit color & brush picking time and just go with the first choice next time :artists:

Tried the #2MinuteSketch exercise again, this time (I think) using the actual #CuratorPrompts35

Digital, in ArtRage.

I drew all four but the preview only shows the bottom two because the top two came out even worse. 😂

Painted a study for today's . What do you think? It's pretty fun drawing something that's not meant to be for uni for a change.

New cover! Here's my art for the many mystical & mysterious cults in this ttrpg book. ✨📕✨

Including all this and more: Chaos, bees, technology, patterns, old gods, dead gods, weapons worshippers, entropy and spooky forests you should or should not go into!

Check it out ⬇️

day 5/7. These went a lot better than yesterday's, but the biggest improvement I'm noticing is in how quickly and smoothly I'm able to freehand those rectangular frames before I start :P

Lounging in the undergrowth, these mushrooms just can't quite get comfortable. They sit straight upright, lay splayed out, flip themselves upside down... nothing quite works. They all become concerned when one of them suggests sitting cross-legged.

Hello! First post to Mastodon art! I'm an OC artist and enjoy posting doodles of and rambling about them!

From 2019: a painting that took extremely long for me to figure out how I wanted to paint it.

#Art #MastoArt

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