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More from my 2015 trip. Continuing my morning walk to the village of Utsjoki and the Sámi Bridge.

These are the last bridge photos!

So now I'm walking across the bridge.

Photo 1 is looking up at one of the towers.

Photo 2 is looking at the river from the middle of the bridge.

Photo 3 is the border marker at the middle of the bridge. To the left is . To the right is Finland.

Europeana have an online exhibition running; 'Black lives in Europe, the stories and achievements of Black figures from the past to the present'

Informative, interesting, and great art!

- This is a vision of what climate chaos could do to German cities in the future.

I painted this for my climate-political art project, which can be found here:

some coral patterns, +

prompt list is pinned on my page 💜

Hi there! My 1st post here. Here’s a recent digital art piece, Psychedelic Cracker Snacker. What should I know as a newbie to Mastodon?

"I'm... afraid you won't have... ah... the, erm... stomach for that."

"Because I'm a princess?"

Her voice snapped so sharply the air shimmered coldly around her lips.

The knight trembled, chilled, glancing helplessly at the cleric, who sighed and drew a protection sigil in the air before speaking, "Majesty, you are currently a spirit, you cannot wield a sword and your stomach is literally miles away."

"Oh. That explains a lot, actually."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

for someone like myself who struggles to finish a project, making art definitely helps me with follow through, with finishing what i start. ✨

these are my experiments with watercolor: plants + fruit and a night sky with stars.

just finished this. or is it finished? i will decide tomorrow. i am not getting any better at navigating this app, but i'm saying hello to everyone in my head. kthxbye 😘

Communications tower south of Walker pass. The US west is short of scenic hilltop castles, but it does have mountaintops cluttered with fire lookouts and communications towers, the latter of which struck me as looking like evil wizard towers (I spent some time playing D&D as a teenager).

If I were making a modern day Quixote, he would tilt at wind turbines and invade mountaintop cell towers.

#inktober #inktober2021 #drawing #pct2021 #pct #hiking #pacificcresttrail #art #mastoart

Hello, Mastodon world! I'm new here and just learning the ropes! :D

I'm a freelance illustrator and game dev and I am slightly overwhelmed!

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