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Hello everyone!

Name's Sky the Kai! I'm primarily a pin-up artist who works with both traditional and digital mediums. I also render colors for line art from others.

I came to Mastodon because I needed a new avenue to post my art, which can get NSFW. However, I will post Content Warnings where appropriate, and if things get too spicy, I will unlist the piece or set it to be seen by my followers only.

Thank you for having me, Mastodon!

Lets see if I stick with longer than I did last year.

1 for 1

I call this little ditty Abusing Side Chain

As it is almost the 2nd of October, here's a song from the most unnerving year (2017!).

Watch where you're walking, and with whom you're talking, lest you realise what you shouldn't realise etc:

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DAY 1: GLITCH ⚡️done in gouache & colour pencils //
First work for from my own alternative prompt list, ! I wanted to do something cool for day 1, but probably won't be going this hard for all of them lol

prompt list is pinned on my page! anyone is free to use my prompts in any way you like 💜

Guess I should do a proper intro!

Hey yall I'm Courtney a 3D character artist working in the games industry 💕 I creating love low-poly and handpainted work ✌️

Here's a link to my work and some of my best pieces! as a 3D artist most of my work is based on concept art so please feel free to check them out linked on my Artstation :artaww:

doing some back log posting right now but stay tuned for wips :tialove:

Going over my old images for a historical article, I came across this early 3D version of the Soyuz -- from a low-poly NASA PD model, I believe.

Also Blender 2.49.

We've come a long way!

Lots of new users - hello! :D Welcome to the fediverse and welcome to .art :mastoart:

Tell us all a bit about yourself and your creations with , and when you post your art, don't forget to tag it - unlike other sites, Masto users actively use hashtags to find relevant content. Start with , and then add tags for things like your medium :)

We also have many blind and partially sighted users, so please consider image descriptions if you're able! <3 :artpaw: :bob_ross:

just digging through my screenshot folder looking for cool stuff I made to post here now

this is a comic book-style shader I'm really proud of! wobbly outlines, inverted outlines in shadows, stylized highlights...

looks juicy as hell, I just never had the patience to make assets for it - the car was one I had already made for Adios that happened to have an outline mask anyway

one punch cats

Started off with me wanting to draw saitama with cat ears, but that just looked weird so I made him a cat instead. And then the rest of the gang as cats..

(american curls are like the cutest things ever tho omg)

Made this for the Links Awakening announcement, after playing the game full through I'd definitely say its a favorite of mine 🧡

Modeled in Maya and painted in Substance Painter. Concept by the lovely🌻Rianti (ANHIRA) 🌻@kiha_ki

Se que la foto esta bien fea por que la tome de mi webcam haciendole asi. Pero estoy en proceso de algo y es la primera vez desde hace tiempo que uso tecnica analoga

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